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Post in Sensitive Skin

Pale girl trying to tan

I’m insanely fair (like milk white) and I would like to get some color on my skin before vacation for the Fourth of July. Does anyone have recommendations for products to use on EXTREMELY fair skin which is also sensitive? Thank you!!!

Re: Pale girl trying to tan

@Dev789 I know I'm late to the party, but some products I've been using to do the same are

ISLE OF PARADISE - Self Tanning Dropsin the lightest shade mixed in with my regular body lotion, though admittedly it's less convenient than a gradual tanning lotion


TAN-LUXE - THE GRADUAL Illuminating Gradual Tan Lotiongives faster results than the Jergens IMO/IME but there are downsides to this- like some streaking and my palms turning orange even with multiple washes, but it is super easy to even out if you have the time (like at least two days). It also smells waaaaay worse than the Jergens, like if you were drowning in Downy, and it's not as moisturizing. However, if you want more dramatic results faster it's the way to go of the two


The ST. TROPEZ TANNING ESSENTIALS - Self Tan Purity Bronzing Water Face Mistcame in my allure box and it was surprisingly good. It gives a super subtle effect, like I'm pretty pale so I'm just going for "don't want to be mistaken for a vampire at the grocery store" color and not "Snooki 2007" color. It freaked me out to try something on my face without knowing how it would go, but it can be layered, it goes on super evenly, and the color is pretty subtle. Like it takes at leas 5 sprays on my face/neck to make a noticeable difference. I have bought it since

RE: Pale girl trying to tan

Try getting a spray tan at sun tan city or another tanning salon

Re: Pale girl trying to tan

@Dev789 Jergens self tanning lotion for fair skin is a safe bet.  It’s buildable over time so you can stop when it suitable you.  Also, Josie Maran tanning oil is wonderful and gives just enough color for fair skin.  It’s also buildable but I find just one layer is just right. Bonus is your skin looks nice and glowy with it!  

Another option is to embrace your fair skin and to make it glow with a shimmer body lotion.  You can also add a shimmer body lotion over the two above productsSmiley Wink 

Re: Pale girl trying to tan

@Dev789 You could try a self tanner like Jergens or St. Tropez. They sell them at Ulta. 

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