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Clean beauty Beauty Counter or Tatcha

I already use a clean skincare that I usually have to order monthly due to the small size. I want to try Beauty Counter or Tatcha since I have pretty dry skin but easily get thrown off with a bad review. Which one is definitely worth trying for dry sensitive skin?

Re: Clean beauty Beauty Counter or Tatcha

@southdakota I have dry/combo sensitive skin and love Tatcha.  I think it would be best if you tried a sample before committing to the full size.


Re: Clean beauty Beauty Counter or Tatcha

@southdakota Beauty Counter is an MLM so personally I won't support them because of that. It was a bit controversial when Sephora debuted that they are carrying the brand. 

Re: Clean beauty Beauty Counter or Tatcha

@meou Thank you!! The only interest I have with Beauty Counter is that its EWG verified just not a fan MLM either. Any thoughts on Tatcha or other clean skincare?


Re: Clean beauty Beauty Counter or Tatcha

@southdakota personally I don't put too much stock in the label of "clean" since its not an industry regulated term and everyone interprets it differently (i.e. for Sephora it has to do with specific ingredients they don't think products should include so a brand may not be fully certified as clean but some prodcuts can be.  I know other people also think of it to be environmentally conscious which its not). I think EWG certified would even requrie the brand to apply for that designation and its not applied to all products/brands. 


I can speak to Tatcha though! not sure about their clean designation but I find their products are really luxurious and have a quality feel to them.  They are on the more high end price point though and I know they have some controversary based on their tactic of marketing using exoticism (it's not a Japanese brand but started in the US by a Chinese American). I've tried their eye cream and their water cream and both are lovely - depending what product you're looking for they do use dimethicone, coconut oil and fragrance which I know some people avoid for different reasons. 


I know seeing a bad review can be really jarring but skincare is EXTREMELY personal so every product is likely to have a bad review somehwere - even the most simple or gentle of products can cause someone to break out or have a bad reaction since ingredient sources and formulation can make a huge difference. 


I'd recommend getting a sample to do a patch test so you dont need to commit to the product first. 

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