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Post in Sensitive Skin

Can anyone help me solve my skin problem?

So I’ve always had this problem. My skin is normal to dry and after I’m done putting my make up, this is what my skin looks like. I’ve tried so many foundations and skin care products but I don’t know what to do anymore! Here’s my skincare routine: I wash my face everyday (and night) with the tatcha cleanser, and I put their essence in the morning. I also put the caffeine drops from ordinary under my eyes. I then put the dewy skin cream from tatcha (some mornings i wear the water cream instead) and the arsali primer. On the picture, I’m wearing the fendy beauty foundation, but trust me when I say I’ve tried a lot of foundations and it still does the same thing. I then apply my concealer (born this way) and my powder (otherwise my skin is tacky)... Anyone knows what the problem could be?

RE: Can anyone help me solve my skin problem?

My skin gets textured when I wear heavier foundations. I use a pore blurring primer. I like the smashbox photo finish primer(use a tiny bit, like less than a pea size). Mix a moisturizer (not oil) with foundation to thin it out. Try the same with concealer too. And lightly apply powder.

Re: Can anyone help me solve my skin problem?

My mom has rosacea and before she visited her dermatologist to get a prescription she had bumps that look super similar to yours!

Re: Can anyone help me solve my skin problem?

@Mcdss Maybe exfoliating more often will help? What powder are you using? From the picture your makeup looks great to me, with maybe the only exception the corner of your mouth looking a little heavy. Have you tried using a setting spray and going over rightly with a sponge after or going lighter on the powder?

Re: Can anyone help me solve my skin problem?

This same exact thing happens to me, unfortunately. The only time it doesn’t happen is after I’ve exfoliated well and my skin is well hydrated. I also have to go pretty light on the foundation to relieve the skin texture problem.

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