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Ulta GWPs

This thread will be for Ulta GWPs only.  Share ulta promos here.  


Please do NOT post requests for the spreadsheet in this thread.  Please post requests for the Ulta GWP google spread sheet in this thread:


A list of in store coupons is here:


Let's keep this thread on topic!


Ulta points refresher (because yes, it is that complicated):



Item #1 - $53.50

Item #3 - $108.50 (and is eligible for a certain item/brand 5x multiplier)

* There is also a 5x all purchase multiplier and you are platinum so you get 1.25x

Total Spent - $162

Base Points Earned - 162

Platinum .25x Earned - 41 (162 * .25 = 40.5, and rounding up)

5x All Purchases Earned - 648 (it ends up being 4x because you don't count the base points)

5x Item/Brand Earned - 434

Total Points Earned - 1285


Links are not allowed.  In lieu of links, please read this:



Please add product id numbers and sku numbers so people can find items on ulta.  

Just to clarify, there is an item number that Ulta lists on the website, right under the picture of the item.


The product id is the number given to the item in the URL.  So Ulta's site follows this formula of having the url and then the very last part of the url is "productId=xlsImpprod" followed by an 8 digit number.  If you use that "productId" number you can get to the page of any item on ulta. 

It's not a search, but the direct url to the page. 

Click on any product, and then view the url in the address bar.  It will look like this: ulta's website (not using the actual domain because BT admins don't like that) /prep-prime-fix?productId=xlsImpprod15921204  Replace the 8 digit product id of the item you want to see with the id of the product you're looking for.


My very unofficial Ulta point multiplier to approximate percent discount chart:

(This is a number where I use the multiplier to divide by 2000 to see how many dollars I would have to spend in order to redeem a $125 reward.  E.g. 2000 points divided by 1 point multiplier means I have to spend $2000 to get the $125 reward.  Adding how much I had to spend ($2000) + the reward ($125), and then using the reward ($125) to divide the total purchase ($2125), I get a discount of approximately 6% based on the total purchase.  Note: the total purchase is based on the concept that you are spending just enough to reach the next $125 reward and combines the reward value with how much money you had to spend to get that reward.


Total Purchase21251725145811251014925792740696625596569525401392375367360347341336325320315


Re: Ulta GWPs

I truly hope tomorrow's Platinum Perks are actually worth it.

Re: Ulta GWPs

A new sample pack is up! I was disappointed to see "select complexion products" at first (I thought it would be mostly foundation and concealer etc, which I don't use), until I saw the list. Over 4200 items, including some super cheap options. Adds to cart automatically.



Screenshot_20190707-001245.pngCheapest options


@RGbrown I just realized the choice of samples with each...

@RGbrown I just realized the choice of samples with each purchase never came back. I hope they start offering these more frequently. (You know they must have a warehouse full of Purity cleansers & Smashbox primer samples they need to get out to all of us.) 😄

Re: @RGbrown I just realized the choice of samples with each...


Well, so far, every single one of these sample packs has had a Smashbox packet in it, even the perfume or hair focused sets, so yup, they are definitely doing their best to blanket the entire country in it 😂


I have to say, I really like these sets, especially the last had a nice variety of skin and bath samples, some of which I'd never seen before (and I would have sworn that I'd seen every sample Ulta had lol). I hope they keep these up's more fun to get a bunch at once, to me at least, instead of a couple of snoozers with every order. 


That choice of three samples sold out almost was a bit disappointing how quickly everything vanished. I guess it was a "clear out the little stuff" blitz.


And welcome back! Hope you have some time to drop by more often! 😊

Re: @RGbrown I just realized the choice of samples with each...

@RGbrown   LOL at "blanket the entire country in it" re: Smashbox primer.

Re: @RGbrown I just realized the choice of samples with each...

@RGbrownThanks! Things have calmed a bit, so I should be around a little more.

I think I got one of the previous sample packs, but I really can't remember what was in it. I need to check out recent images to see what they're offering since I haven't been in here in months. Eek!

Re: Ulta GWPs

New product line celebrating Frida Kahlo @ZombieMetroAnt 

Image result for ulta frida kahlo

Image result for ulta frida kahlo

Image result for ulta frida kahlo

Re: Ulta GWPs

Oh wow, it's the image on that make up bag that inspired my painting Heart @niki172 


A splitting image, right? Smiley LOL 


Re: Ulta GWPs

@ZombieMetroAnt this painting is fantastic! Can you carry the painting and the bag around to show they coordinate, or is that too much Smiley Tongue. Thought of you when I saw it - you're super talented chicky - I'm good at stick people Smiley Very Happy.

Re: Ulta GWPs

Or.... @ZombieMetroAnt could have the painting image put on a t-shirt to wear when she carries the bag!!!! <3 <3 <3    @niki172 

Re: Ulta GWPs

@Tamara76  that would be a much better (and easier) way to go about you day - good thinking! <3

Re: Ulta GWPs

@ZombieMetroAnt  That’s great!! You’re so talented 🎨 

Re: Ulta GWPs

@ZombieMetroAnt   You did a great job!  The placement of those flowers couldn't have been easy.

Re: Ulta GWPs

Oh my gosh, thank you so much @Ispend2much6  Heart @Indy701  Heart @niki172 Heart @Tamara76 Heart  I kind of cheated by painting Frida with her eyes closed Smiley LOL but I'll still take the compliments LOL!

Re: Ulta GWPs

Does anyone have a $10 off $50 for ulta that they aren't using?

Re: Ulta GWPs

Anyone have any value other than the 3.50 they aren't using, pls dm me♥♥♥

RE: Ulta GWPs

Does anyone have a 10 off 50$ coupon they are not using ?

Re: Ulta GWPs

$10 off 50. Please comment if use. 4GH2ZKCLDQ

Re: Ulta GWPs

Just wanted to let you know that someone used it already, but just didn't comment!

Re: Ulta GWPs

  Interesting.....I had $35 of makeup in my cart......I was surprised to see a summer Friday treat of picking 3 out of 8 deluxe sizes today.... I didn’t add any may want to check

     I got the urban decay dream team and travel spray which added up to $51. Then I used my $10 off $50 code. This also added the 3 deluxe samples plus a UD deluxe setting spray and pencil .             

    Thanks to @Luvstravel  for posting the reminder for the free Marc Jacobs in gifts with purchase!

     Thanks to @RGbrown  for posting the pictures!

Re: Ulta GWPs

Thank you for posting the offer @Imightneedthis . I am going to skip this offer and I am hoping for a Diamond Perk Day on Monday that will not be lackluster.

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