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Ulta GWPs

This thread will be for Ulta GWPs only.  Share ulta promos here.  


Please do NOT post requests for the spreadsheet in this thread.  Please post requests for the Ulta GWP google spread sheet in this thread:


A list of in store coupons is here:


Let's keep this thread on topic!


Ulta points refresher (because yes, it is that complicated):



Item #1 - $53.50

Item #3 - $108.50 (and is eligible for a certain item/brand 5x multiplier)

* There is also a 5x all purchase multiplier and you are platinum so you get 1.25x

Total Spent - $162

Base Points Earned - 162

Platinum .25x Earned - 41 (162 * .25 = 40.5, and rounding up)

5x All Purchases Earned - 648 (it ends up being 4x because you don't count the base points)

5x Item/Brand Earned - 434

Total Points Earned - 1285


Links are not allowed.  In lieu of links, please read this:



Please add product id numbers and sku numbers so people can find items on ulta.  

Just to clarify, there is an item number that Ulta lists on the website, right under the picture of the item.


The product id is the number given to the item in the URL.  So Ulta's site follows this formula of having the url and then the very last part of the url is "productId=xlsImpprod" followed by an 8 digit number.  If you use that "productId" number you can get to the page of any item on ulta. 

It's not a search, but the direct url to the page. 

Click on any product, and then view the url in the address bar.  It will look like this: ulta's website (not using the actual domain because BT admins don't like that) /prep-prime-fix?productId=xlsImpprod15921204  Replace the 8 digit product id of the item you want to see with the id of the product you're looking for.


My very unofficial Ulta point multiplier to approximate percent discount chart:

(This is a number where I use the multiplier to divide by 2000 to see how many dollars I would have to spend in order to redeem a $125 reward.  E.g. 2000 points divided by 1 point multiplier means I have to spend $2000 to get the $125 reward.  Adding how much I had to spend ($2000) + the reward ($125), and then using the reward ($125) to divide the total purchase ($2125), I get a discount of approximately 6% based on the total purchase.  Note: the total purchase is based on the concept that you are spending just enough to reach the next $125 reward and combines the reward value with how much money you had to spend to get that reward.


Total Purchase21251725145811251014925792740696625596569525401392375367360347341336325320315


Re: Ulta GWPs


 details say the lipsticks are full size which seems like an awesome deal if true ! 

Re: Ulta GWPs

Ulta is hyping up something on Friday...

Can't be any worse than Perk Day lately, so maybe it'll be alright 🙄🙃😅



Re: Ulta GWPs

@RGbrown hope its not just the early black friday deals... 😒🤔 love her hair and makeup tho. 😍🤤

Re: Ulta GWPs


I don't think so, since Early BF deals have been starting on Thursdays. I'm guessing some sort of Singles Day promo, not sure though... 🤔

Re: Ulta GWPs

A new Dash to Beauty is open for signups



Re: Ulta GWPs

This overnight mask was actually really nice, I enjoyed it when I got the mini! 

Re: Ulta GWPs

Beauty Break, item 2604756




Re: Ulta GWPs

Already out of stock. 😭 At least in my app. Email only arrived an hour ago. 😞

Re: Ulta GWPs

I've been waiting for an interesting promo code before restocking dry shampoo, and this was it, because that bag is so cute! Plus, they had the Fenty lip stain I've been wanting to try that's been out of stock at Sephora, and I had that $10 off $50 promo code. 

Re: Ulta GWPs

@txcatx Is it Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Poutsicle Hydrating Lip Stain Zesty Bestie (or another shade)? I’ve been curious about it ever since reading that it made the Allure Best Beauty 2022 list. “Hydrating” and “lip stain” aren’t usually used in the same sentence. Please let me know how you like it!

Re: Ulta GWPs

@civ2ru Yes! And just saw that they came back in stock at Sephora now that the sale is over, of course. I've been curious about it, too!

Re: Ulta GWPs

New bareMinerals coupon via email




Here is mine for grabs


Re: Ulta GWPs

If anyone has a $10 off $50 coupon they won’t be using, please message me. Thanks so much!
And a HUGE thanks to all the wonderful people who keep this thread updated with new promos, free gifts, etc. Your kindness and generosity are greatly appreciated! 🙂

Re: Ulta GWPs

won't be using mine since spent too much during rouge sale lol. Sent you message with online code

Re: Ulta GWPs

Thank you so much!! Hope you got some fun stuff during the sale!

Re: Ulta GWPs

New gwp (well, repeat from last month), Diamond exclusive, thru the 11th, item 2603581


The $160 bag is still available for a stack!




Re: Ulta GWPs

New multiplier for Member Appreciation



Re: Ulta GWPs

Looks like a mystery skincare GWP is up! $60 buy-in, Item 2597062, gwp86494771. @RGbrown   @ohheyitscindyk any idea what this might be?


Re: Ulta GWPs


It's this one from curious if the "17 addl samples" will be in it this time, since the new title only references 10 pieces... 🤔


ulta mystery bag nov 5 22.png


Re: Ulta GWPs

@RGbrown Thank you, you are the best!

Re: Ulta GWPs

This is a good deal by the way. The rinse is full size and retails for $48!


Oops! Didn’t realize someone had posted this already. 



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