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ULTA HELP - bonus offers/points, cpns, emails

I tried asking in another thread, but didn't get any response.


I'm diamond and haven't been getting their emails (and thus coupons, offers, etc.) for a month, but my account still says I should be.  (I just emailed them about it.)


Also in the other thread someone posted about there is a 5x pts on perfume that starts today - is that correct?  Because my account doesn't show any offers (and I thought offers were good for all members).  Also the 4x pts for diamond - I thought that ended tomorrow, but since mine doesn't show any, I don't know if my account is messed up or it already ended - can someone tell me if it's still good, or what bonus offers you have?  Thanks.

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Re: ULTA HELP - bonus offers/points, cpns, emails


Welcome to BIC and Ulta 😁


Pretty much all Ulta discussion goes in the other thread you posted in earlier. We are a small but mighty Ulta group, so have patience...we have quite a few experts, but they're around as time permits. 😊 I'd also recommend posting new questions in that thread at the top instead of buried back so that folks can see it quicker and you have a wider audience. 


I answered your questions about multipliers over there. As far as emails, that has been a problem for a few folks, and you may be in for a bumpy ride trying to get it fixed...Ulta is all sorts of glitchy in that department lately, unfortunately. If you want to spend a little time scrolling back through the Ulta thread, it has been discussed quite a bit, but sadly, there's no surefire way to get it fixed that I know of, other than patience and persistence.

Re: ULTA HELP - bonus offers/points, cpns, emails



thanks.  I posted over there first because it was related to what someone else posted so I figured that made  and I did keep checking as others replied but it was always about something else, and I did try going through to look, but I didn't see much, and with all the paaaages of huge images of products and things made it really time consuming and difficult to look through, which made my computer slower and also hard to find the information I was looking for.  that's why I figured it would be easier just to post here.  but I'll look over thanks.

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