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TJ Maxx / Marshalls / Winners Hauls & Finds!

You know the feeling... you're meandering through the mall with a coffee in hand and you stumble upon it, the discount department store! It's a treasure hunt and you're on the hunt for luxury skincare, makeup, and a bunch of other things you don't need 😉


From sheet masks to lipsticks and candles to makeup storage, leave your discount department store finds below! 


2018-07-11 13_51_45-TJ Maxx Cashier Did You Find Everything You Were Looking For_' Me Unloading Full.png

Re: TJ Maxx / Marshalls / Winners Hauls & Finds!



I went to TJM today on the news that the OPI summer collection was already hitting their shelves (none here, which is fine, I didn't actually need any anyways lol), but stumbled on this absolute gem of a deal instead 💕 It was the only one, and while perhaps not the shade I would have picked if I had the whole line to choose from, it's still a shade I'd wear in a heartbeat. The box was a bit worn, which gave me little hope for how the lipstick itself would look, but it's pristine, minus a small gouge in the front where it's rubbing on the inside of the case. Never in a million years would I have expected to find a Rodin at TJM!






Re: TJ Maxx / Marshalls / Winners Hauls & Finds!

@RGbrown  Okay, this drew me back into this thread because holy cow, what a great find! Especially since the Rodin brand has shut down. Please let me know how it performs for you, once you've tested it out! 

Re: TJ Maxx / Marshalls / Winners Hauls & Finds!


Ooohhh, I had no idea Rodin was gone! 😥 That makes this an extra special find for me now, and it makes a bit more sense as to why it was at TJM to begin with. *Making plans to hit more stores in the near future* 😅


I think these would be right up your alley! Full coverage with just one pass, smooth application, not patchy or streaky. No scent that I can detect. Creamy and comfy. I put it on after I got home tonight, and then made dinner shortly thereafter, so I wouldn't necessarily consider it a full wear test (plus, I forgot I was wearing it to check out how it wore down, but that's mostly a plus to me, as it meant my lips weren't being sucked dry or feeling cakey), but I was surprised when I looked in the mirror a few minutes ago and still had a hint of pink on my lips (6-7 hours later?)...considering dinner was spaghetti and I was liberal with wiping my mouth, the fact that anything was left at all was surprising. It doesn't look like it feathered either, though that's hard to be 100% sure of with so little left. I'd say grab one if you come across any...knowing that your taste lines up fairly closely to mine in terms of comfort, I'm pretty gosh darn certain you'll like these!

Re: TJ Maxx / Marshalls / Winners Hauls & Finds!

Thanks for the review, @RGbrown ! I’m always impressed when a bullet lipstick survives a meal at all, even if it wears all the way down to a light stain. And this one does sound like one I’d like. Now I’m kicking myself for not buying one back when Linda Rodin was still involved with the brand. I bet places like Saks and NM still have these lipsticks in stock, but I’ll keep an eye out at TJM and Marshalls for a far better price. 👍


Meanwhile: I’m glad you like this one! Hooray for a truly great bargain! 

Re: TJ Maxx / Marshalls / Winners Hauls & Finds!

Found a little group of masks that look promising!


This will be the first from Glamfox that I have tried. The Merbliss is a new formula I believe, with lots of love from others. And Lavender and Cactus sounds like an unusual pair, so why not!

Re: TJ Maxx / Marshalls / Winners Hauls & Finds!

The sheet masks are from TJ Maxx, the Korres, KVD, Tocca, and Heart Revolution are from Ross.

Haul 2 Sheet.jpg

Re: TJ Maxx / Marshalls / Winners Hauls & Finds!

Ohhhhh this is a fun peak at what's out there @Samtian Enjoy all the fun new masks!

Re: TJ Maxx / Marshalls / Winners Hauls & Finds!

@missjeanie Thank you!!

Re: TJ Maxx / Marshalls / Winners Hauls & Finds!

Saw these today:


Re: TJ Maxx / Marshalls / Winners Hauls & Finds!

Whoa @CookieGirl1  That would be tempting!  

Re: TJ Maxx / Marshalls / Winners Hauls & Finds!

@missjeanie I was good 😜

Re: TJ Maxx / Marshalls / Winners Hauls & Finds!

 I was at Marshall’s with my mom, just browsing around, when I came across this super cute set from Becca! I checked the price and WOW it was only $10!!  Totally worth it! 











Re: TJ Maxx / Marshalls / Winners Hauls & Finds!

I love the lipstick color in your set!!

Re: TJ Maxx / Marshalls / Winners Hauls & Finds!

When I first got into masking I picked up 3 Yadah varieties: aloe, collagen and rose. I enjoyed them and today stumbled across this one and couldn't resist. They also had the rose in stock too but I still have some from when I bought them before. Plus although the rose is fine, I'm just not into floral. The aloe was good but I have enough aloe masks to last me a while. I'd pick up the collagen again though. Wonder if anyone else will see these in their stores.


Re: TJ Maxx / Marshalls / Winners Hauls & Finds!

@ShortErica This looks familiar, I think my store had it.

Re: TJ Maxx / Marshalls / Winners Hauls & Finds!

Cool @Samtian!

Re: TJ Maxx / Marshalls / Winners Hauls & Finds!

I stopped in at TJ Maxx a while ago, finally getting around to taking a photo of the masks I picked up. Theres a few missing, but they already got sorted into the bin haha. They had some of those weird baby face shake jars, I was so tempted but ultimately I still just can't do it haha. Please excuse the mess, we had to find stuff for Bandit.

Tj Masks.jpg

Re: TJ Maxx / Marshalls / Winners Hauls & Finds!

Oh the cica mend was nice and I also enjoyed the softer than cookies one @Samtian! And there are many fans of the rainbow (I still have to try the one @sonnydee sent me). Wonderful pickups!

Re: TJ Maxx / Marshalls / Winners Hauls & Finds!

@ShortErica Thank you! There were so many choices this time, usually at mine it only has a few pegs. This time it covered about three sections!

Re: TJ Maxx / Marshalls / Winners Hauls & Finds!

I feel like when I was going mask crazy at my store, they started supplying more because I was buying more @Samtian. I don't know that it's true but maybe even more masks are coming to your store!

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