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Sephora FFS 2018

A lot of us got an email for the FFS.  What's everyone getting?


I wanted to get the UD back talk palette but it's already OOS.  The night owls always get the worm!


For my first round I got the things I thought would sell out first.  Interesting to note that if anyone was planning on buying the Living Proof shampoo/conditioner from Ulta on Saturday, this living proof set is a better deal.

Screen Shot 2018-10-06 at 3.02.10 AM.png

 PS if you didn't get a code I think you can walk in to a Sephora and ask a greeter if they will hook you up with the discount .they may not but it is worth a try!


UPDATE: A universal barcode has been released for in-store purchases only:


Re: Sephora FFS 2018

Looking for an online code if anyone has one!

Re: Sephora FFS 2018

If anyone has an extra online code that they are not using, I would really appreciate it! There are a few items I'm hoping to get for the holidays but that are not available in store yet Smiley Sad 

Re: Sephora FFS 2018

if you don't manage to snag an online code, you can always go in store and have them order for you online and I believe you should be able to use the in store coupon still.  I may be wrong, but worth a shot

Re: Sephora FFS 2018

I'm still looking for a code too.  All the items that I want to get are only available online.  if anyone has an extra one could you direct message me.  Thanks.

Re: Sephora FFS 2018

Much appreciated if anyone could share a code. I need to stock up some La Mer products. Thank you so much !!


Re: Sephora FFS 2018

UPDATE: Codes have been given out.


Anyone still want or need a code?  I have 2 different codes available that I received from Sephora employees/friends on IG (I gave them separate email addresses to ensure I received at least one code).  Just reply to this post and I will PM you the code!  

If there's a code. I would love one. I appreciate all you...

If there's a code. I would love one. I appreciate all your efforts regardless =)

Re: Sephora FFS 2018

This is very generous of you. If you still have any extra codes, I would love to have one- thank you!!

RE: Re: Sephora FFS 2018

Yes. I need a code too.

Re: Sephora FFS 2018

I'd love a code if you still have any available! How kind Smiley Happy

Re: Sephora FFS 2018

So sorry! The two codes I had were given out, but I am expecting one more code.  If I get it, I will send you a PM with the code. 

Re: Sephora FFS 2018

Hi!  Are you still looking for a code?  I just received the other one I was expecting.  Let me know!

Re: Sephora FFS 2018

I would love one too if still available =)..


Thank you!!

Re: Sephora FFS 2018

Sent private message!  Happy Shopping!

Re: Sephora FFS 2018

Me pretty please and thank you!

Re: Sephora FFS 2018

Sent private message.  Happy Shopping!

RE: Sephora FFS 2018

Hi does anyone know if we can use the in store bar code at SIJCP and a free standing store? Or is it just one?

Re: RE: Sephora FFS 2018

@AnneMCC I don't know for certain but am under the impression you can get the 20% off in store as much as you want.  The universal barcode I posted is not unique, so you should be able to use it repeatedly in store.  I also believe that most Sephora's will give you the 20% off if you ask nicely and mention the friends and family sale.  On instagram I've seen several Sephora store ig's from across the country mention that they're doing the Friends and Family sale.  Stores need to make sales, so the more they gross, the happier the store managers are.  

RE: Re: RE: Sephora FFS 2018

Good to know thanks @itscarin Smiley Happy

Re: Sephora FFS 2018

Restricting my cart to things unavailable at my local stores: 


ESTéE LAUDER - Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II Duo


I got a DS of this serum sometime this year—in one of Ulta’s kabillion-item GWP bags, I think—but forgot about it. I finally started using it a week ago and now I understand why it’s so popular. My skin’s already quite nice (when I keep it well moisturized, and when it’s not reacting badly to something), but this stuff’s kept it from drying out overnight without making me greasy. It’s also begun to even out some of my hyperpigmentation and the couple of acne scars on my jawbone. I don’t need to use my daytime eye serum, eye cream, or an overall night cream in addition. Just May Coop Raw Sauce, then this serum, and I’m off to bed! 

PAT MCGRATH LABS - MatteTrance™ Lipstick - Deep Void 210

BITE BEAUTY - Amuse Bouche Lipstick - Squid Ink

BITE BEAUTY - Amuse Bouche Lipstick - Hot Harissa


(Heh, so much for “don’t add more lipstick... you’re decluttering lipsticks, remember... don’t do it!” 😄) 


SEPHORA COLLECTION - Clare V. for Sephora Collection: Penelope Pencil Case

SEPHORA COLLECTION - Show Curl XL Lash Curler—for Deep Set Eyes


I’m told there are no replacement pads for this lash curler, aside from the 2 it comes with. (That’s probably why it’s marked down.) If that’s true, I’ll remove it from my cart. I kinda hate lash curlers in general, as it’s hard to find one that fits my eyes without pinching skin or missing lots of lashes, but I wanted to try this one because hey, maybe I need a deeper curve than I thought. 

EDIT: I was thinking of a different (non-Sephora) sale when I mentioned the “you get a barcode and a promo code, but you can only use ONE of them, and it’s one-time only use” thing. The BIC appreciation sale did have a one-time-only online code, but the in-store barcode was reusable. I hope this F&F barcode works the same way. (Haven’t tried it yet.) But I still think the terms language is a bit ambiguous—it can be interpreted 2 different ways. (Part of my job involves dealing with offer disclosures and terms, particularly how well customers understand said terms/disclosures.) See, I’m trying to give you my money, Sephora! 🙂

Re: Sephora FFS 2018

Mini Sunset is back in stock... mixed reviews. Thoughts? Same with Mini Star... yay or nay?

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