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Sephora FFS 2018

A lot of us got an email for the FFS.  What's everyone getting?


I wanted to get the UD back talk palette but it's already OOS.  The night owls always get the worm!


For my first round I got the things I thought would sell out first.  Interesting to note that if anyone was planning on buying the Living Proof shampoo/conditioner from Ulta on Saturday, this living proof set is a better deal.

Screen Shot 2018-10-06 at 3.02.10 AM.png

 PS if you didn't get a code I think you can walk in to a Sephora and ask a greeter if they will hook you up with the discount .they may not but it is worth a try!


UPDATE: A universal barcode has been released for in-store purchases only:


Re: Sephora FFS 2018

Your input is most appreciated @makeitup305!  Thanks Smiley Happy

Re: Sephora FFS 2018

@greeneyedgirl107 You’re so right 😊 It is nice to have our contributions valued 👍

Re: Sephora FFS 2018

Do all VIBs get the code or just a select few?

Re: Sephora FFS 2018

@tianaaaa Here’s a portion of the email that some of us received: 


We have invited some of our top Community members to enjoy this code as a thank you for participating, being a positive member of BIC and just being a Community rock star in general. Your love of beauty and helpful advice does not go unnoticed and we want to thank you for all that you do.”


(Sephora admins: Hopefully it’s okay that I posted this bit.)

Re: Sephora FFS 2018

Thank you for the explanation.

Re: Sephora FFS 2018


Only select members of the BIC community were chosen. It has nothing to do with whether you're a vib or rouge.

Re: Sephora FFS 2018

I'm waiting for the Nars holiday collection to drop, but then I need to decide between that blush palette and the Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette! 


Also more Shiseido gel lipsticks and maybe the Givenchy holiday lipstick.

Re: Sephora FFS 2018

@txcatx Just a heads up that Sephora will not be getting the whole Nars holiday collection launching on 10/8/18.  This is what was posted on instagram by Trendmood1.


Collection includes:
1.The Uncensored advent calendar😍 $150 includes minis
Exclusive on their website
2. High Voltage Highlighting Palette $42 ** exclusive on their website
3. Spiked Audacious Lipsticks $34 each:
Sheena 💄 Will be available ➡️ October 18th exclusively #Nordstrom
Nancy 💄 Available now, exclusively on their website
Siouxsie 💄 Will be available ➡️ October 8th exclusively #Sephora

4. Little Fetishes Sets $24 each:
Little Fetishes Mini Highlighting Powder + Mini Blush & Little Fetishes Mini Audacious Lipsticks ****will be available ➡️ October 14th @ultabeauty
Little Fetishes Mini Highlighting Powder + Mini Bronzing & Little Fetishes Mini Orgasm Lipstick + Blush ****will be available ➡️ October 8th @sephora
5. Eyeshadow Palettes $49 each:
Provocateur Eyeshadow Palette
Will be available ➡️ October 18th other stores
Scandal Palette - on their website only
6. Lip Gloss Coffret $39 exclusive on their website
7. mahoganyChaos Velvet Matte Lip Pencil Duo $29 ***will be available ➡️ October 14th @ultabeauty
8. Velvet Matte Lip Pencil Set $45 Each:
Riot Velvet Matte Lip Pencil Set *exclusive on their website
Ransom Velvet Matte Lip Pencil Set *will be available ➡️ October 18th exclusively at Nordstrom
Manic Velvet Matte Lip Pencil Set *will be available ➡️ October 8th exclusively at Sephora
9. Lip Luster $26 each
Will be available ➡️ October 18th other stores
10. Orgasm Infatuation Palette, $42
11. Heartbreaker Blush Palette, $42 *** will be available ➡️ October 14th @ultabeauty .

Re: Sephora FFS 2018

@SportyGirly125 I only have eyes for this!😍



Re: Sephora FFS 2018

I'm thinking of that UD backtalk palette as well, but it's not a must (OOS anyways~). 

Also I'm eyeing on Hourglass Lipstick sets (launched on HG's website, not on Sephora yet). Hopefully they will arrive within the event period.


Here is my current shopping list. Hope the code could be sent out asap.


Re: Sephora FFS 2018

The best hair ever set looks like a fantastic value!

Re: Sephora FFS 2018

@Sodayui great choices! I have the hourglass palette and kevyn aucoin palette in my basket as well Smiley Happy thought the aucoin keeps popping in and out of stock on the Canadian site, so hopefully it's actually in stock when the code goes live *fingerscrossed* 

Re: Sephora FFS 2018


I feel like this KA palette is a combinenation of CT pillow talk & Stars in ur eyes, also has some TF gingerbread in it...SO stunning!

Good luck!!! 🤞🤞🤞

Re: Sephora FFS 2018

@Sodayui I wouldn't recommend the Backtalk palette.  It's not very pigmented.  I have it and I regretted getting it from all the hype.  Only the blushes are good.  If you want something similar I would get the Naked Cherry palette.

Re: Sephora FFS 2018


Thanks for your advice. I only want it cuz it's 50% off now. 😉😉😉 

Then I just checked my current collection and found so many shades that's so slimilar to the UD Cherry. Oh well, a great reason to save some money for sth else~



Re: Sephora FFS 2018

I love your choices @Sodayui, especially that Hourglass palette! 😍

Re: Sephora FFS 2018


Thank you! I didn't get last year's version so I think I'd better get this one.

I like you ND mini collection idea! Maybe I'll do a Viseart petites collection as well~~ 😊😊😊

Re: Sephora FFS 2018

@Sodayui I have the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit: Unlocked and love it.  Good choice!

Re: Sephora FFS 2018

I havent had the code yet but here is my list:


All the Tom Ford satin mattes (just kidding i want couple -- just need to decide which) and

FFWL_ND.PNGFFWL_HG.PNGFFWL_CT.PNGOh crap!!! I forgot about Nars.  Of course i want Nars Hot Tryst and the highlighter palettes

Re: Sephora FFS 2018

I'm happy about receiving the FF email but at the same time not happy that I can't get much because I have to save up for gen beauty which is coming up next weekend..

but I'm still thankful that Sephora sent me this email and it's my first time receiving this(FFS) email~

omg the struggle is real!! lol Smiley Sad 

Re: Sephora FFS 2018

@mezzotown88 Same! I'll also be at Gen Beauty, so I am trying to only pick things I really need and waiting for the November sale for other items.

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