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Where are the rewards? I checked last Thursday and this Tuesday and only a few items remain as sold out with no replenishment- what is going on? Also- when I go into stores they are lacking on product too- coincidence?! Meanwhile a store with a U is killing it with all sorts of freebies with purchase- come on Sephora! 

Re: Rewards?

I'm so disappointed with the there  rewards program there always out of stock its been over a month its always the same story. what's going on with there program I'm staring looking into ultra I heard there rewards program much better. its really disapointing.

Re: Rewards?

I agree with this post. I have been a loyal customer to Sephora for many years and have enjoyed the rewards program. But over the last year, I have noticed there is almost nothing in the rewards Bazaar. On my birthday I was able to put my gift in the cart but later was sent an email that it wasn't available. They didn't even send a replacement item. I will say the customer service is great, but it does suck that the team can do little but 'toe the party line' about Thursday and this Tuesday, when in reality those items run out too quickly. I don't know how the corporation runs, but I' m assuming this issue is a corporate problem, not something the individual stores are responsible for. I really hope the appropriate people read these messages because continuing to ignore the issue and having powerless customer service people deal with upset customers is really unfair. Sephora will lose customers 

Re: Rewards?

Hi @3jls,


We release new Rewards on our website every Tuesday and Thursday between 9am-5pm PST. Please note, they are limited and available while supplies last. I recommend checking back here:


Additionally, I may suggest contacting your local Sephora store to check how often they replenish their Rewards. I understand this may be disappointing and I'm sorry for this experience!



Today I look to see what was available. I know it is a We...

Today I look to see what was available. I know it is a Wednesday, but I took a look anyway. There is one one 100 point item, and it is sold out. The pins or stamps or whatever they are, are available, but nobody wants those. And the only other item is also sold out. I'm sorry but I am a Rouge member and have beenspending a lot of my hard-earned money at Sephora for years now and this is almost insulting. Can you tell us what is going on with the rewards?

Re: Rewards?

Constantly reminded about the release of new rewards, but gotta say for some of us spending so much money with Sephora, the other U store offers a much better way to capitalize on points and purchase more.  I feel like my points are wasted here as there is NEVER an available new release reward that I would take and the other rewards are a joke.  Fix the reward section! And, before you say come back on Tuesday/Thursday is Tuesday (9am PDT and I am leaving the section up again (like I did last week on T/Th for the entire day with constant refresh).  Again, I role my eyes Sephora, you gotta do better for customers or stop giving this unrewarding reward section. 

Re: Rewards?

@3jls sephora restocks the 100 point rewards the first thursday of the month (which should be this thursday) so this kind of always happens at the end of the month

Re: Rewards?

Thank you - feels like the program as a whole has taken a dive, my opinion- appreciate the response Smiley Happy

Re: Rewards?

There are never any quality rewards available in store. Rewards are often out of stock or perfume, which I am allergic to. Today, when I went online there were no 100 point rewards at all. The 250 point reward is a stamp? Seems like a lot of what is being passed off as a reward is instead branded junk for teenagers.

The premium rewards like La Mer and Shiseido are always sold out by the time I get to them. I think the rewards program is a complete waste and not worth anything. The only value to membership is the 20% days.

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