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Makeup Hauls

Hello everyone! I’m young and I’m new to makeup and I’ve been wanting to try all the new products that have been coming out but currently I am not allowed to do any more hauls any tips on how to buy makeup without spending all your parent’s money?

Re: Makeup Hauls

If there is anything I have learned, in makeup, you do not always get what you pay for.

I mean this in the best possible way.

You do not need to spend so much money to get the results you want.

For example: Skincare

Drunk Elephant is a famous clean brand at sephora with prices ranging from $16-81 dollars. They have a facial which costs over $80 full size with 25% AHA and they also have retinol

The Ordinary is another clean brand at sephora that has a mask with 30% AHA that is $8.70 which is around 90% less than drunk elephant with a higher concentration of the ingredient you want. Additionally, they have a retinoid serum, which is just a higher concentration of retinol


For makeup,

I would recommend going to a TJMaxx/Marshall's. They have many of the same products at Sephora for much cheaper. I got a Kevyn Aucoin Highlighter for $18 that retails on sephora for 58. 

I also found a sold out value pack from Becca that cost $50 online for $80 of products, that i got at marshalls for $12.99

If you are looking for specific products, I would also go on instagram and follow the account @/beautydealsbff, who posts all codes and sales from the best beauty brands


Hope this helps!

Feel free to message me with further questions

Re: Makeup Hauls


I can't really advise how to get it free/cheap (other than leveraging rewards and coupons as best you can; Ulta and CVS are the best here. Or get samples made at Sephora so you can test stuff before wasting money to find out it doesn't work for you), but I do have some advice in a tangential vein.


Don't go crazy buying all the things now. While I am much older than you, I am also relatively new to makeup; I didn't get into it until after I turned 40, and I went through that "gimme all the purdies" stage that many new makeup converts go through. The problem with that phase is that you haven't necessarily figured out what you truly like and will use and will reach for time and time again. I got rid of hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars worth of makeup that I just had to have at the time, but it turned out the formula wasn't for me, or the shades didn't work, etc. Makeup is expensive enough as it is; try not to throw excess waste into the equation.


Instead, use this "no buy" phase as a chance to really get to know what you already have, and figure out what works and what doesn't *for you*. And then, when you have your own income or an allowance, you can make better choices about what will bring you joy as you expand your collection. 😊


Great advice!!!! Im going to piggyback onto @RGbrown 's a...

Great advice!!!! Im going to piggyback onto @RGbrown 's awesomeness and just say If I would have known about this board when I first started to really get into makeup and skincare I would have read as much as possible on all things I was interested in. Find the groups that interest you most. For example if you like shiny and glittery. find a "Unicorn " group or "Glitter is Life" ( I don't know if those exist, just examples). Also YouTube videos on how to apply what you have now. Find what works, basically what he was saying, then when you have money available again you can shop better and smarter. Good luck!

RE: Re: Makeup Hauls

Thank you! This really helped!
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