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Foil Challenge

I know we all talked about this but I need it in writing to hold myself more accountable! I have picked out around 28 foils that I am hoping to get through by the end of Feb. that’s 1 foil a day unless I decide to stack more than one! Here’s what I’ve picked randomly! 


Re: Foil Challenge

@Mellmars1185  Oh I love it! I received it gratis a few years back from TeamBIC and have repurchased it twice since.  I throw it on at night and sleep in it and wake up with soft hair.  it does now have competition with the K-18 leave in treatment.  I don’t find one better or worse than the other.  Maaaybe the K-18 is better but it may just be that’s it’s still novel to me.  

Re: Foil Challenge

March Foils Plan ~ here are the foils that make up my goals for the month. 

March 2023 Foils PlanMarch 2023 Foils Plan

20 foils total, consisting of


All but the Verb Ghost Weightless Shampoo and Verb Ghost Weightless Conditioner  are new-to-me treats. I've been wanting to try the Eadem serum since it was released and was super excited to see the gwp. We're on Day 3 and so far, so good with the Eadem serum. 


I'll continue to sheet mask (given how long I've been at it, it would be hard to imagine that I did not use sheet mask at all for a month. 😮😆) but I'm not setting any targets. March and April aren't always the kindest to my skin (weather changes, allergies, etc.) so I'll play by ear my sheet mask usage.


Will try to check back in again mid-month @ather for a progress report! I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing how everyone does with this month's foil challenge. Good luck, everyone! 

Re: Foil Challenge

Good luck to you too @itsfi 

(I think I'm taking a pause on my foil panning "set" goals and just using what I feel like this month. I'm still working on tester sizes and I'm OK with this plan.)


Your samples line up is so prettily pictured here. Enjoy everything! Can't wait to hear how it goes, and how you like the results after Eadem Serum trial is finished 😄




Re: Foil Challenge

@CynthieLu, it's always a great plan to use the products that will work for you, be they foils or full size, or anything in between. I will likely have a month later in the year where I don't have any set foils I'm aiming to use. Or, I may just play it by ear and set aside a foil or two that I intend to use in a particular week. Will be great to see what, if any, foils you used at the end of the month.

Re: Foil Challenge

@itsfi Excellent goals for the month. Glad that the serum is working so far 🥰

Re: Foil Challenge

@Mellmars1185, thank you. I went with a smaller variety of products this month. We'll see how it works out, but so far, so good.

Re: Foil Challenge

@itsfi  Ooooo great choices!! I’m interested in hearing if you see changes after using Eadem! I need to look into this brand I don’t think I’ve heard of it!! Good luck! I know you will do great!! 

Re: Foil Challenge

Thank you @ather! I'm happy that the Eadem serum doesn't seem to have any negative skin results so far. Will let you know how it goes. The brand launched its first product, this serum, at Sephora in late spring 2021. They have a highly curated selection of products - serum, moisturizer, and cleanser. They also have a spatula for scooping out the moisturizer. 

Re: Foil Challenge

@itsfi Beauty line up!  I need to go choose my March foils now too.  I'm curious to see how you end up liking the Eadem! 

Re: Foil Challenge

It'll be fun to see your foils for March @missjeanie. I'll keep you posted on the Eadem - good news is that there's been no irritation or skin sensitivities to it so far. 

Re: Foil Challenge

February Foils - My goal was to finish the 19 I picked out in mid Feb. I managed to finish them and a few others throughout the month for a total of 32.


Re: Foil Challenge

Way to go! 🙌 That's an incredible amount to finish in a month 🥳

Hummm, do you remember what you though of KEYS? @Mellmars1185 

They are always coming up on the Rewards bizarre but I don't have much experience with this brand. 

Re: Foil Challenge

@CynthieLu Thank you. I liked the KEYS cleanser. It had a mild scent to it and left my skin feeling clean. From just trying a few foils, I can't really get a sense of how it impacts my skin. 

Re: Foil Challenge

I had a foil by them too @Mellmars1185 but I didn't get a good sense of the brand either. I'm really hoping SuperGoop or Glow Recipie come back to the Rewards Bazaar 🙏 

Re: Foil Challenge

Holy Hannah @Mellmars1185 !   Talk about a foil Queen!  Did you find any new or old faves?

Re: Foil Challenge

@missjeanie Hehe, it was a month like no other for me. I liked both large sheet faces masks. The Eve Lom Cleanser made my skin feel really smooth. I liked the end result of the Dr.Barbara Sturm enzyme cleanser. I used it too frequently, though, so I got some irritation.

Re: Foil Challenge

Nice work on your February foils @Mellmars1185! Is that the Augustinus Bader Soothing Cream near the top left corner? If so, how was it?

Re: Foil Challenge

@itsfi Thank you. Yes, that is Augustinus Bader Soothing Cream. I remember that I liked it and that it felt luxurious and made my skin feel really good. I wish I had more feedback. I went through so many. I should take note. I remember talking about a skin journal before. That way I coule remember which samples I like and don't.

Re: Foil Challenge

🩵🩶Febuary Foils🩶🩵


Sorry to have used my Pan It Challenge photo, I grouped everything togeather instead of separating it into different shots. ( me = lazy 😅) I will be better next time 🙏


I'm so happy to be using my pile of foils, and not having them looming in the back of my mind 🙃 

This challenge is so great!



Re: Foil Challenge

@CynthieLu Agreed, isn't this a fun challenge!!!  Did you find a new fav in the bunch?

Re: Foil Challenge

I liked alot of it @missjeanie 😅


There were some great hydrators in there. I don't know if any knocked my regulars out of the running, but there were some serious contenders.


Dr.Jart is soo fabulous. And I'm not surprised say Pink Cloud and Olehenriksen were so nice to use 😍


I'm happy and very lucky to say everything pictured was dud free 😋 

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