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Foil Challenge

I know we all talked about this but I need it in writing to hold myself more accountable! I have picked out around 28 foils that I am hoping to get through by the end of Feb. that’s 1 foil a day unless I decide to stack more than one! Here’s what I’ve picked randomly! 


Re: Foil Challenge

Good work this week! @CorgiMommy  You really made a lot of progress! 🥳

I hope you have lots of fun using what you have and give yourself fun but attainable goals 💕

Your giving me good motivation to use up things that are waiting for thier turn in my collection 🙂

Re: Foil Challenge

@CynthieLu it is fun exploring new products ,  of course, that means new things to buy.

Re: Foil Challenge

I set 13 foils aside for July. I did not reach my goal again. I managed to get through 8.


For August I am not going to set a specific goal. I am going to try and use for full size products and save my foils for travel.

Re: Foil Challenge

Good job @Mellmars1185 It's not always easy to find a time and place to use up the foils,  Anyring you enjoyed in that fun mix?

Re: Foil Challenge

@CynthieLu Thank you! Tbh, I really enjoyed everything. I just noticed that with the SF cream I had a bit of a breakout while I was using it. It could have been other factors. My favourite was the Lancome cream.

Re: Foil Challenge

Oh yes @Mellmars1185  I've used that Lancome foil too, it's pretty awesome 😉

Re: Foil Challenge

I fell off the foil wagon but I took a bunch with me on vacation figuring I could work on using them up, 😅 along with bottles and trials I wanted to finish off. I think it's been going pretty well.   





Everything has been nice or awesome 👌 I lucked out pretty seriously with all the items so far.

I brought too much probably but I've made a good dent in my stash 😄 


🌟Star Shout Outs🌟 


 Drybars Drybar Liquid Glass Smoothing Shampoo 8.5 oz/ 250 mL and Drybar Liquid Glass Smoothing Conditioner 8.5 oz/ 250 mL as well as Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare DermInfusions™ Fill + Repair Serum with Hyaluronic Acid 1 oz / 30 mL 


Re: Foil Challenge

@CynthieLu Travelling is such a great way to use up some foils. Great progress!!

Re: Foil Challenge

Wowza, that's a lot of foils you made your way through; nice work, @CynthieLu. Ahhh, the DDG serum - I have a few foils and deluxe sizes of it, need to try it out at a time when a sale is around the corner. 😅

Re: Foil Challenge

Thank you! @itsfi  I think it's an **excellent** Hyaluronic Acid but the price 🙈 It defintley would help with a good sale 😉💕

Re: Foil Challenge

@CynthieLu  Holy cow!  You tried so many different products 😃. Glad you really enjoyed many of them!

Re: Foil Challenge

I was sooo lucky they were all so good 😉 @Cissy63 thank you 🥰

Re: Foil Challenge

@CynthieLu That’s actually a genius travelling hack! You could easily stash a bunch of them in a ziplock for the plane. Even if you’re driving, it won’t be as bulky as bringing entire bottles with you. Glad to hear they’ve all worked with your skin!

Re: Foil Challenge

Thank you! It was risky only in the sense that if I had a reaction to something I was a bit out of luck, but everything I brought was not too skin-drastic @JoSometimes.


I'm very happy my skin has been cool with everything. 🍀And, it feels good to use up a bit of the stockpile. 😉 

No plane just a solid long car drive 🙃 but I did over pack possibly lol

Re: Foil Challenge

July 2023 Foils

July 2023 Foils.jpg

Eeek! 😩 My streak of not reaching for any of the foils I planned for this challenge continues for another month. 😣I had a rosacea flare up about mid-July and have been sticking to my tried-and-true skincare products, except for the new Tatcha cleansing balm, which I've been using for about 10 days now and lemme just say this - if you see a foil or sample of this beauty, pick it up, folks; pick it up!! 👍 I did use these foils and sheet mask at the beginning of the month, before my rosacea flare up. The Sulwhasoo Mini First Care Activating Serum .5 oz/ 15 mL Sulwhasoo Anti-Aging First Care Activating Serum 2.02 oz / 60 mL is lovely; if I wasn't working on some well-loved serums already, I would pick up a full size of the Sulwhasoo.


The Dr. Jart+ Dermask™ Clearing Solution Face Mask  sheet mask was fine; I can't say it worked to clear my skin of acne but it did add a nice light layer of hydration and for a gal with dehydrated combo skin, that is a beautiful thing. This is a sheet mask I'd use again if I had another one, but it's not one I feel I need to run out to pick up.


August Foil Goals

Not sure at the moment how I'm feeling about setting aside certain foils to work on for August @ather. At the same time, I feel like having a goal for the next month will be a good way to keep me motivated. I will aim for 10 foils total; about 2 foils per week. I have two work trips scheduled in August so I may have more opportunities to use up more foils. Stay tuned! 

Re: Foil Challenge

@itsfi Sorry to hear about the flare up. I have not reached my goals for July and will probably take a different approach. Using up foils have been more challenging than I had thought. 

Re: Foil Challenge

@itsfi  I think you still did great! You had to take care of your skin and make sure the flare up doesn’t last longer! That’s awesome you found a new serum that you love! Do you think you love it more than your current serum? That mask sounds amazing. I’m glad you enjoyed it! 

I think 10 is perfect for next month! It’s definitely easier to use foils when you travel! You will do great!! 

Re: Foil Challenge

Thanks so much @ather! I'm really enjoying the serums in my current routine - EADEM Milk Marvel Dark Spot Serum with Niacinamide and Vitamin C 1 oz/ 30 mL followed by Rhode Peptide Glazing Fluid. I don't think I love the Sulwhasoo as much as those two. If I were to pick up a full size of the Sulwhasoo it'll likely be during the fall / holiday sale - that should give me some time to work in and use up some other serums in my collection.

Re: Foil Challenge

@itsfi  That’s a great plan! And probably a hard to beat combo!! 

Re: Foil Challenge


I have a small collection of foils now from various purchases. Finally cracked open a few and tried them out. 

First Aid Beauty KP Bump Eraser Body Scrub with 10% AHA 10 oz / 283.5 g has got to be one of THE MOST abrasive products I’ve ever used! It’s incredibly gritty and did a great job filing down some of the rough skin on my arms and back. Managed to squeeze two tries out of this little foil. I’m tempted to purchase this one…

Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair!™ Deep Conditioning Hair Mask did a fine job conditioning my hair. I’ve always been pretty lucky with my hair being nice and soft, so I’m not sure what real benefit I’d get for using this one regularly. Plus, I cut my hair regularly, so any damage doesn’t stick around for long (benefits of maintaining a masc hairstyle 😊). Probably won’t buy unless something drastic happens to my hair. And short hair is economical; I managed to squeeze three uses out of one foil!

Re: Foil Challenge

@JoSometimes  Great job! I have a few foils of the FAB and I’ve been meaning to try it out! Glad you had good results from it! 

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