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Deals too good to pass Up!


The deals are gone (I totally sang The Thrill is Gone as I wrote that)!


Just kidding. They found a new home where the whole thread loads:

Re: Deals too good to pass Up!


There's a second section on that site on Drugstore Beauty


They recently had a 60% clearance sale on stuff we spend 100's of dollars for the not drugstore brand. Did you miss that part? It's products you get at Nordstrom & some that I've not carried in stores, super expensive lines.


Maybe that sale was for regular customers, I was notified by email, & it linked me directly to the sale.

Not sure, I get certain things on auto-ship since I use many of the products from both sites, get discounts on products that I'd have to buy anyway.


I was getting coupons/discounts from them all the time, plus as you buy, it add dollars to a next purchase. And all these discounts/coupons/promos were before I even signed up for auto-ship. 


It takes me a long time to commit to signing up for anything. Even something as simple as BI. I shopped Sephora for years before signing up. 

Re: Deals too good to pass Up!

Nope.  Sure didn't miss it.  My June Jacobs foot cream, which usually retails for $40 was on clearance for $20.  I  snagged one.  I also scored that GWP bag a couple weeks ago.  They release one just about every other month, and I may have scored quite a few of them.  I spent more there than I did at Sephora last year.


Hope you're having fun with your visiting family members.

Re: Deals too good to pass Up!

Neiman Marcus Midday Deal (Google for link as it expires in 1 hour, 17 minutes).


This dress is amazing.


Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 10.09.45 AM.pngScreen Shot 2014-07-25 at 10.09.57 AM.png

Re: Deals too good to pass Up!

Very beautiful Smiley Happy

Re: Deals too good to pass Up!

That is gorgeous. Does one wear a strapless bra with it? Backs like that tend to stop me from buying because strapless bras just don't work for me, unfortunately.

Re: Deals too good to pass Up!


"...Does one wear a strapless bra with it?..."


I wear a lot of strapless, deep open back dresses. I have several versions. I get mine from bridal shops. This is just one example. I usually take the dress in to the shop to try on the dress + bra. I don't like the multi-purpose bras, they just don't work as well as bras that fit exactly for the dress style.







Re: Deals too good to pass Up!

Ooh I should try to get one of those. I have only used what you call the multi-purpose ones. I actually have a nice looking back so should seek out this bra so I can expand my dress wardrobe! Smiley Wink

Re: Deals too good to pass Up!

I do not wear a bra at all, but I do use tape to cover up or have a bra built into the dress if it comes without one.  I have backless dresses with pre built in bras.  Currently, I am a D cup.  If you are larger, you will probably need a traditional bra like the one pictured below.  The smaller you are, the less likely you need a traditional bra.  Of course, you can always wear one if you want one.

Re: Deals too good to pass Up!


origins.gifOrigins has a great deal going on right now.

Purchase $30 worth of products, and you get to choose 5 deluxe samples.

+Free Shipping


And if you spend $50, enter SAND for a "eco-friendly summer tote."


Re: Deals too good to pass Up!

Did Origins buy Ojon?  Never saw the Ojon haircaire line on there before.

Re: Deals too good to pass Up!

Nice.  I have been wanting to buy the Origins mask I missed as a Sephora perk.  This looks awesome.

Re: Deals too good to pass Up!

They have the charcoal mask as a 1.0 oz. sample, along with the Cheeks & Balances.

Modern Friction Scrub at .5 oz. (if you haven't tried it yet, it is awesome.)

Get in there before all of the 1 oz. samples are gone; I've made that mistake with their deals before. 

Re: Deals too good to pass Up!

Thanks, I picked this up! You get an extra mini with promo code WELCOME


ugh, this thread will be the end of my wallet 

Re: Deals too good to pass Up!

Just received my order20140804_134918.jpeg

Origins really does have some of the best GWPs.

Re: Deals too good to pass Up!

Any one planning to order from UD during that sale? I have a one time use code for a free deluxe sample all nighter spray (think its 0.5 oz) that I won't be using. PM me if you're interested.

Re: Deals too good to pass Up!

If anyone is interested in Urban Decay today and orders soon, I am going to suggest Ulta.  It is 4 hour bonus sample day.  Best news is these freebies come with ANY purchase.  Doesn't even have to be Urban Decay.  Gotta love Ulta.


Today's feature:  Urban Decay.


Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 7.58.12 AM.png

Re: Deals too good to pass Up!

I actually came here just to post this.  I kind of want to get it but I don't have anything to buy?  I think this GWP is actually better than the one they're offering on UD!

Re: Deals too good to pass Up!

It definitely is, since at Ulta you can buy anything -- UD or not, to get the GWP, and of course those dollars go towards dollars off (I'm closing in on my next $125 gift certificate), BUT ALSO, MrRebates is 12% right now.


Just in case you just needed a little more pushing off the cliff into Enableland.

Re: Deals too good to pass Up!

Got it!


Ulta's messing with my head. Usually their Beauty Breaks are on Wednesday. 

Re: Deals too good to pass Up!

In my post, I originally wrote it was Wednesday, because I am so used to it being on Wednesdays too.  Then, I realized it was Thursday and corrected it.

Re: Deals too good to pass Up!

Sleek makeup is currently having a 3 for 2 sale on their website. Buy 2 items and get a 3rd item of equal or lesser value for free. They even have 2 of their popular blush by 3 trios in the sale section at half price. 

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