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Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

Thanks to @notcreative for starting the Deals Too Good to Pass Up (and website of the same name).


This thread will be for posting deals too good to pass up!  In this thread, please keep deals on topic - mainstream/"prestige" beauty only.  Please post deals you really love, and think others will love, too!


Help us keep this thread fun and interactive.  If a deal has already been posted, please do not post the same deal a second time.  This will keep the thread easy to read.



none at the moment


Thread for indie/alternative/korean beauty is here:

Thread for non-beauty is here:

Thread for Ulta GWPs is here:

Thread for Sephora Promo Codes is here:

Thread for Target Deals is here:

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

Space NK

Space NK.JPG

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

Good finds @itsfi , thank you! 

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

You're welcome @Sunnysmom! There are some nice treats at Space NK. 😍 Happy shopping! 🛍

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

There really are @itsfi . I kind of forget about them sometimes and need to go back into Bloomies sometime! 

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

@itsfiThis is a great sale- thanks for sharing!

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

I was surprised when I received the email, @Ispend2much6! Hope you find something (or a few somethings) that you like. 🛍

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

Hourglass Direct is having their annual sale, 20% off

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

I almost didn't open my email from Boxycharm that was "Information about your account," but I'm glad I did.  Boxy is letting people who have deactivated their accounts to shop the add-ons sale!  I don't know if you have to go through an email or just log in, but it's worth a shot if you're interested.

Screenshot_2021-06-17 Cox Inbox.png

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

@Ispend2much6 There's a boxy kit with a sunday ceo moisturizer in it.  The boxycharm price for the whole kit/box is $30 and the moisturizer alone retails for $65.  My brain is telling me not to place an order but my heart is telling me yes!

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

@itscarin  Well that is a great deal!  As long as the product isn't old.  I get concerned about vitamin c products on sale.  Did I help you out ?? 😂

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

@Ispend2much6 I’m not sure yet!  I really don’t need anymore stuff but on the other hand I really do like a few things I added to my cart like the Korres yoghurt shower gel. Even at 50% off I am not sure I can justify a moisturizer purchase when I have about 5 different tubs of assorted ones open and around the house already. I think if I could just get the shower gel and not pay shipping I’d do it. But even then. I really don’t need shower gel. I bought like 4 bottles of the fresh shower gel over Memorial Day weekend. I have two opened bottles in the shower atm: philosophy and Capri blue. Then I think I have two more unopened bottles of philosophy; an unopened drink elephant; and an two more unopened korres— they’re not yoghurt though. I think you can see where I’m going with this. 

im trying to stay strong and not buy more stuff I don’t need but it is tempting!!!

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

@itscarin. I do understand. I had stocked up on Bliss shower gels at Ulta a year or so ago to get points because it was something that would get used. What I didn't know is those gels can turn bad and when they do they smell like pee! Same thing wih Alterna's Caviar line- the shampoo curdled and took on a weird odor. So now I am more cautious with buying in advance.

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

If you missed it the first time around, or just would like another, Trendmood Box still has their First Aid Beauty boxes for sale- $39.

Screenshot_2021-06-15 Trendmood Box.png

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

Paula's Choice direct




The fine print:



Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

Recently Tatcha had 20% off on theyre website, i wish Sephora would have applied the sales on here too, because im in Canada, and with the money exchange and the shipping cost, the 20% was not worth it anymore.


Sephora needs to have sales at the same time that brands have sales on theyre website.

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

The Beauty Favorites Set includes a full size ABH mascara and the Shiseido Essentialist Eye Palette in Hanatsubaki Street Life!

Screenshot_2021-06-13 r MUAontheCheap.png

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

@Ispend2much6 Glad you liked the deal I posted! 😜

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

@civ2ru  Did you post this on Reddit?  If so, sorry about the bad screenshot job!

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

Nordstrom in-store has a great GWP for charlotte tilbury:


Spend $90, get any hot lips lipstick for free.


Spend $150, get a free airbrush flawless foundation.


Spend $250, get a free magic serum.


I spent $150 (3 lipsticks and 2 lip liners) so I got a free lipstick and free foundation! Plus the SA threw in a mini bronzer/powder and mini mascara 🙂 all my free items are at the top of my photo.


Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

Wow that is such a great deal @sabrinas 🙌🏻 I love the look of the heart themed packaging from her new line too 😍

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

15% off beauty at Macy's with code FRIEND. Nordstrom is price matching. Some exclusions (e.g., Chanel)

  • Pat McGrath Lip Fetish Divinyl shades, plus one comparison with an original Lip Fetish shade.
  • PMG Lip Fetish Divinyl swatches
  • PMG Lip Fetish Balm in Dark Romance.
  • 2021-01-25 11_39_59-Allure Beauty Box_ Best Monthly Makeup & Skincare Subscription Box.png
  • F831E71A-7B7F-4CB6-BF87-6EE9CB286A43.png
  • 2021-01-26 09_25_29-Beauty Event at Bergdorf Goodman.png
  • 2021-01-26 13_19_54-Benefit Cosmetics _ Official Site and Online Store.png
  • 51872129-EE23-4C59-A367-CF8249CD3C03.jpeg
  • 86288D3F-4877-4D1D-85A5-D04747322B25.jpeg
  • 2021-01-27 08_35_52-Makeup & Beauty Products Sale - SkinStore.png
  • 35B8D9EE-066A-4E38-8354-C39D9BE0D020.jpeg
  • A246721D-3913-4976-BD96-494651D137AB.jpeg
  • DDC8E376-3A45-41DC-A480-FA49EFA7D9A9.jpeg
  • E1195FBB-70B4-49FF-A36A-18A00289BE00.jpeg
  • 9DC0A5AD-2F09-4B3F-BABF-F43B8474F70F.jpeg