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Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

Thanks to @notcreative for starting the Deals Too Good to Pass Up (and website of the same name).


This thread will be for posting deals too good to pass up!  In this thread, please keep deals on topic - mainstream/"prestige" beauty only.  Please post deals you really love, and think others will love, too!


Help us keep this thread fun and interactive.  If a deal has already been posted, please do not post the same deal a second time.  This will keep the thread easy to read.



none at the moment


Thread for indie/alternative/korean beauty is here:

Thread for non-beauty is here:

Thread for Ulta GWPs is here:

Thread for Sephora Promo Codes is here:

Thread for Target Deals is here:

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

@Ispend2much6 Yes the 111Skin thing is something I came across in connection with BoxyCharm.  


I'm on the fence about this issue because on one hand I can see how some of it is fear mongering.  Cosmetic companies, for example, often warn about counterfeit cosmetics and show the counterfeit labs where these items are made, and yes, they're truly disgusting.  I wouldn't knowingly purchase a counterfeit anything, but I would buy from an "unauthorized" retailer, provided I did not have a reason to think the item was counterfeit.  


So much stuff is made in China, and for the most part, it's fine.  But then you read about some drug manufacturer in China that decided to cut corners by using a cheaper solvent to make a drug, and it erodes any trust you may have had in Chinese health and safety regulations.


I mean, who knows?  There's a $39 jar of Glo Recipe Banana Souffle Moisture Cream coming in my March Box of Boxy Charm, along with some items, and I only paid $25 for it.  Maybe the Glo Recipe is produced more cheaply in some manufacturing plant other than the one it normally is manufactured in, and they keep their costs down by using some known carcinogens.  😐 


I have no idea why this stuff is so cheap!  LOL, conversely, I also have no idea why some make up is so expensive.  Yes, the packaging is a factor.  I remember someone once said 'this drugstore face powder is the same as this high end face powder because they have same ingredients' and someone else pointed out that yes they can be the same ingredients, but not necessarily the same quality.  I guess a more tangible example of this is cashmere.  Like, yes Banana Republic sells cashmere, but is it the same is Burberry cashmere?  Nope.  


Sorry about going off on the tangent... I'm just allergic (mentally) to stuff made in China lately.  And I'm very salty about the blood pressure drug recall with the known carcinogens.  So much blame to be shared -- FDA didn't do Americans any favors either.

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

@itscarin   You're fine; what you are saying makes perfect sense.  FDA releasing any type of medical without testing adequately and saying it's safe is not good.  Let people who want to take the chance and have no alternatives use it, at their risk.  But don't do your stealth testing on an entire population.


One aspect that I wish was different is being able to easily and adequately know where the components to beauty products, supplements, and medications come from.  I don't know if there is anything of these made of 100% USA materials, even if made here.

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

I don't know how long it will be available, but Trendmood has a Boscia box with body products up. $32, free shipping.  Shipping available in Canada!  Sorry for the sloppy editing repeat at the end.

Screenshot_2021-02-16 Cox Inbox.pngScreenshot_2021-02-16 Cox Inbox(1).png

Screenshot_2021-02-16 Cox Inbox(2).png

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

ASOS: 10% cashback on rakuten, and extra 20% off their sale section with code "20YAY"

*Enter code 20YAY at checkout to receive discount. Ends 3am EST on February 16, 2021. Code can be used multiple times per customer up to a maximum pre-discount spend of $789.55 per order. Can't be used with other promo codes or on gift vouchers, delivery charges, Premier Delivery or ASOS Marketplace. Country exclusions apply. Selected marked products excluded from promo.


Most of their things are 10% off and with the additional 20% off it works out to be 28% off.  There's some Charlotte Tillbury, Sunday Riley, Caudalie, Olaplex, Benefit, MAC, etc.

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

MAC direct:




Up to 30% off all skincare and foundations for a limited time only. No code necessary. Online and in-store. Some exclusions apply.

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

One of my favorite recurring deals - free bundle with $190 purchase at Detox Market. Good time to stock up on Kosas, Ilia, Herbivore, etc.

Screen Shot 2021-02-14 at 3.10.29 PM.png

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

Not the best deal but free shipping today at QVC.

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

Estee Lauder has a discount game.  I played several times, and I'm confident in saying that 1 or 2 of your 3 spins will be a 20% off coupon.   The next most frequent offer is a free Rebel Rose lipstick in a cute Valentine case.  The least frequent offer was a Nutrition line kit worth $125.  Buy-ins required for freebies.

Screenshot_2021-02-13 Special Offers.png

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

@Ispend2much6 Thanks for sharing the mini game! It doesn't seem like it's available on the CA site so I played on the US site just for fun. The free lippie's design is super festive! 😊

Screen Shot 2021-02-15 at 1.33.05 PM.png

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

@Guessgal   Well boo!  I wish it was on the CA site.  Yes, it's so adorable!  I saw Emily Noel on YouTube review the new EL primer; it looks really good.

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

BOGO at Bite and free gwp with $35+ purchase:


Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

25% off pmg direct


 * doesn’t apply to divine rose ii collection or items already marked down on sale. 

also stacks with code OBSESS10 for additional 10% off. 

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

If anyone is interested in Mothership 1,2,3 PMG direct has a restock on the set and with the 25% off it comes out to $75.00 per palette or 40% discount.

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

GMA Deals dot com is featuring some beauty items at 50% off. Included are Amika ( I only saw hair tools no hair products), Laura Geller and Para Silk.

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

Colourpop has a sale and they're also on Rakuten...



Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

@ZombieMetroAnt   You know all of the best deals!

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

Peter Thomas Roth direct buy one get one free of the following items Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Mask 5 oz/ 150 mL Peter Thomas Roth PRO Strength Niacinamide Discoloration Treatment 1.7 oz/ 50 mL Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Cream . Use code VDAY. No mixing and matching of items.

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

Boxycharm Pop Up has added several ND items


boxy nd popup.png

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

@RGbrown   Thank you for posting this deal.  I joined Boxycharm so I could shop it!

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

I knew my procrastination would pay off...I was missing a couple 5-pan palettes and now I can complete my collection.  Thanks @RGbrown 👍

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

@ZombieMetroAnt was the 10 palette one of your purchases?  I love the gold in that palette. I love the boxy charm pop up sales!  Didn’t need it but bought a couple of palettes to keep as gifts. Or maybe for the next exchange. 😄

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