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Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

Thanks to @notcreative for starting the Deals Too Good to Pass Up (and website of the same name).


This thread will be for posting deals too good to pass up!  In this thread, please keep deals on topic - mainstream/"prestige" beauty only.  Please post deals you really love, and think others will love, too!


Help us keep this thread fun and interactive.  If a deal has already been posted, please do not post the same deal a second time.  This will keep the thread easy to read.



none at the moment


Thread for indie/alternative/korean beauty is here:

Thread for non-beauty is here:

Thread for Ulta GWPs is here:

Thread for Sephora Promo Codes is here:

Thread for Target Deals is here:

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

Thanks for that deal! just subscribed will see how it goes

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

@missjeanie I understand.  Maybe in my "value"-induced haze I've overestimated this.  I look at it as a one time purchase for $23 and getting all the items for that one cost.  It's very easy to cancel.


I've also seen other similar-ish deals with Boxy Charm.  I'm not well-versed in Boxy Charm, but basically they have a sale once a month where if you have a subscription you can also purchase things from their flash sale.  You can't purchase from the flash sale unless you have a subscription though.


I bought a one month subscription in August.  I paid $12 for Kate Somerville - ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment when it's normally priced at $85.  I also got a 1.7 oz Sunday Riley - Good Genes bottle for like $40 or something.  I can't remember and I can't find the receipt... and also boxycharm order history is non-existent.


Anyway, you have to pay $25 for a box to be eligible to make purchases during their flash sales.  With that being said... Would you (and everyone else) want to hear about deals like that or no?  I would totally justify it as: Even if I add $25 to the cost of the item I'm buying, it's still a crazy good deal.  For example, $40 for SR Good Genes, + $25 membership -- it's still only $65 for something that normally costs $122.  Or $12 + $25 = $37 -- that's still more than 50% off Exfolikate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment.  


My feelings won't be hurt either way, but just in the spirit of trying to revive this thread: what does everyone want to see?

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

Ahhh... I see now @itscarin .  I'm good with seeing all the deals in one place.  If it's one that I'm not interested in I just scroll by, but it's good info to have if you can save some $.  I tend to bounce in when I see a thumbnail of a deal I'm interested in, or if I'm looking for something specific and want to find out where I can get a deal on it. 

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

I enjoy reading about all kinds of deals @itscarin. I also do not mind cross posting of deals. I would like to see deals posted from various TV shows if they are a good value. QVC deals are also welcomed.

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

Does anyone want to start an indie/korean/alternative beauty thread?


Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

@itscarin We have an existing Indie thread that @veronika23 started. You can link to this one if you like. It's not specific to deals but I've posted deals there before. The only indie brand I really use is LunatickCosmetics. I think @2manyperfumes has been delving into indie brands lately.


p.s. Thanks for starting the new thread!

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

@curlychiquita @itscarin I like the indie thread also and used to use it a bunch. 😊