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CCO Sightings

I'm stealing this idea from Specktra.  Please share your CCO trips here.  CCO= cosmetics company outlet.  Let us know what outlet you visited and what was available.  Shout out to @denn2626 for mentioning CCO's in the Black Friday thread!



RE: CCO Sightings

I need to check my local cco so I can finally complete my Tom Ford natural hair brush collection. I’m missing two brushes.

CCO Sightings

CCO Today Only - Buy a lipstick, get a free Tom Ford lipstick in one of 4 shades (my CCO had Willful, Zelda, Sasha, and one other). They also threw in a small Estee Lauder lipstick bag. Tom Ford cosmetics are 60% off, so I chose a TF lipstick in Nubile and got Willful for free. Total cost: $23.21!!

@TraceyEB, That was a steal! I'm writing in my calendar t...

@TraceyEB, That was a steal! I'm writing in my calendar to schedule a trip to Dallas next year to visit the CCO on National Lipstick Day 👄

@Luvstravel, definitely worth the trip! This was the firs...

@Luvstravel, definitely worth the trip! This was the first year a Tom Ford lipstick was offered for free.

CCO Sightings

This was my latest find at the Houston CCO. I had been wanting the Estee Lauder Heatwave 🙂 Then picked up another Tom Ford lippie since I liked the other two so much, and some other goodies!

Re: CCO Sightings

@Luvstravel, great picks! I see a few faves (hello Bobbi Brown Luxe eyes and lips).

Re: CCO Sightings

I went out to my local outlet mall recently, and discovered my CCO is GONE 😣😥😪

@RGbrown, how sad 😢 I only made it to one while in Dalla...

@RGbrown, how sad 😢 I only made it to one while in Dallas, but will definitely make the other one when I go back in September 😊

CCO Sightings

wow, I didn't even know these types of stores existed!

CCO Sightings

Forgot to post my lastest purchase from the Alan Texas CCO. The Tom Ford lippies were $22 each 🙂

RE: CCO Sightings

Wow! Stunning too

@KateJRoberts, finally got around to wearing Devil Inside...

@KateJRoberts, finally got around to wearing Devil Inside and loved it. Glad I purchased 2 colors. These are actually still listed on Nordstrom website for $55. Loved them for $22.

Re: CCO Sightings

A new CCO opened up near me and I got both the Tom Ford Warm and cool soleil palettes for $70?! All Tom Ford is selling for 60% off. 

Re: CCO Sightings

Oh my heavens, what a deal! The warm palette is my favourite! I should just wait for LE TF products to come to the CCO. Enjoy your palettes!!

@ChristaIM, What a great find. Wish I lived closer to one...

@ChristaIM, What a great find. Wish I lived closer to one. Mine is 2.5 hours away. When I do get to go I usually love what I find. Last year I purchased the 3.4 oz Costa Azzurra for around $150 if I remember correctly.

Re: CCO Sightings

What a score!!!  Good on ya Smiley Very Happy

Re: CCO Sightings

I was amazed! This is going to be dangerous i can see! LOL

RE: CCO Sightings

I forgot about this thread. 😰. Sunday I was at my local CCO store in Eagan, MN and they had the Clinique super charged concentrate for 50% off which totaled about $16 a bottle. I picked up two but wish I had gotten three... love this store and they’re adding new brands such as Too Faced, Becca, Tom ford, Smashbox, Bobbi brown, if you buy any of these brands regularly it’s worth stopping in.

Re: CCO Sightings

I was in my local outlet mall so of course I checked all the beauty stores.

CCO (Estee Lauder Outlet) has 30%off $100 purchase or 40%off $200+ purchase( of course Tom Ford, La Mer, Jo Malone are excluded😒) 

My BareMinerals outlet started carrying Dolce Gabbana. They also had Shiseido makeup which is kinda interesting as I recently read Shiseido is bringing back makeup to their US retailers. So I’m not sure if this was very old stuff or the new items🤨

I think they had the best deals in LANCOME Outlet ( Luxury Beauty Store). They had bunch of items from YSL, Armani, UD, Lancome, IT Cosmetics for more than 60% off. I bought these two items which were marked 60% off but the manager told me they are actually $10 and $7. What a score!!!81E995D8-D364-4394-9A51-C77584F6774E.jpeg




RE: Re: CCO Sightings

I absolutely love this product! Nice find! 😍
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