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CCO Sightings

I'm stealing this idea from Specktra.  Please share your CCO trips here.  CCO= cosmetics company outlet.  Let us know what outlet you visited and what was available.  Shout out to @denn2626 for mentioning CCO's in the Black Friday thread!



RE: Re: CCO Sightings

I absolutely love this product! Nice find! 😍

Re: CCO Sightings

@katkapivarci Nice finds!

Re: CCO Sightings

Question: I have googled CCO and the only one I see is in the UK.  Is there one in the USA?  If so, can you give me the link?

@itscarin can you send me the url. I didn't find that.

@itscarin can you send me the url. I didn't find that.

Re: CCO Sightings

@TheBamaGirl It’s kind of complicated to find list of all CCO stores online. They don’t have a website. Best way to find one is to check directory of the outlet mall that you are planning to go to and look for Cosmetic Company Store and Luxury Beauty Outlet. I know the outlet close to me (Sawgrass Mills Mall, FL) has both.

Re: CCO Sightings

@katkapivarci@TheBamaGirlI've noticed that the cosmetics company store website is not up to date on locations.  There's like 4 CCO's near me but only 3 of them are listed.  I think the hidden one was in clarksburg, md.  I also dislike how their store locator tool doesn't show you what's closest to you by distance.  Instead, you have to select your store from a drop down, and if I knew what my store was, I wouldn't be using the store locator!

Re: CCO Sightings

@katkapivarciI ran to the CCO to check out the 50% off sale.  I went to the outlet in Clarksburg, MD.  It looks brand new.  The CCO was 50% off all makeup with the usual exclusions.  This CCO was super clean and modern looking and they even had their small selection of Tom Ford out for swatching.


I also checked out the Luxury Beauty Store which has UD, YSL, and Lancome (no Cleau de peau at this one, sadly) and their store was 40% off MSRP.  Nothing was really noteworthy here except the Naked palettes are all 40% off of MSRP so they're about $31.  They had Naked 1-3 and Naked Smoky.

Re: CCO Sightings

It was 30% off all the marked prices.  Not pictured: smash box liquid lipsticks - they had kale my vibe which is a new color, but I didn't pick it up because I don't have room for a metallic green liquid lipstick in my life.  XD  The liquid lipsticks sold for about $12 or 50% off the MSRP.  They also had Becca ombre eye shadow palettes marked down to $28 but they rung up for $20 when you count the 30% discount.  MAC lipsticks with the $12.25 sticker price rung up for about $8 and change.  They also had the MAC duo sets -- the lip liners and lipstick for $19 which is $13.30 with the 30% off.  The colors were russian red, flat out fabulous, chili, and sin.


This was at the CCO in national harbor, MD. 











Re: CCO Sightings

BareMinerals Outlet has additional 40% off on top of any other discount for example Shiseido 15% off, Burberry 30%, Cle de Peu 20%, NARS 20% ( not sure if 20 or 30) some BareMinerals items were almost 70% off.


Luxury Beauty Store - additional 35% off on top of any discount. Armani items were 25%off, some UD items 40%off, some Kiehl’s 25 or 40% off.  4CDC757A-4C83-4B43-8874-99A19B82408C.jpeg












Clarins - additional 20% off, if you spend $150+ it’s 25% off


L’Occitane - extra 20% off


CCO - everything 30% off (excluding Tom Ford, Jo Malone, Clearance) - this promo sucks as last week it was 40% off and 50% off clearance.

RE: Re: CCO Sightings

I know this post is old please can you kindly share where this outlet is located. I would love to make a trip there 😍

Re: RE: Re: CCO Sightings

@pari79 Sorry I haven’t replied earlier I just  saw your post. This was in Sawgrass Mills Mall, Sunrise, FL. They have all the cosmetic outlets - CCO, Lancome, BareMinerals, Clarins, Kiko etc

Re: CCO Sightings

never found any CDP on my nearest outlet here

Re: CCO Sightings

I don't have any pics but around memorial day the entire store was 40% off and the Estee Edit has been 40 or 50% for the last few months. I've also seen 50% clearance tables for the last are months. I'll be heading there on black friday so I'll update on what I found! 

Re: CCO Sightings

yeah ester edit has been on 50% off for months. I even received it free lol.

RE: CCO Sightings

National harbor, md. Everything is 30% off.

Re: CCO Sightings

Reposting this from @TraceyEB in the Mac thread:


Spotted: MAC Mariah Carey My Mimi in the clearance section of my local CCO for $32.99. CCO limited time special is 50% off clearance, cutting that price in half (final sale). Also saw MAC Mariah Carey eyelashes in the clearance area.

Re: CCO Sightings

@itscarin Ohhhh ok now im tempted to go to my cco later.... ill call first and see what they have going on Smiley Happy 

RE: CCO Sightings

Wow I didn’t know this existed good to know! Thank you

Re: CCO Sightings

I think lots of people don’t know about these outlets so for those who are wondering.


CCO - Cosmetic Company Outlet is for Estée Lauder brands like - MAC, Tom Ford, Smashbox, Origins, Clinique, Jo Malone, Bobbi Brown 


Luxury Beauty Store - Lancome Company Outlet - brands like UD, YSL, Armani, Kiehl’s, Clarisonic, Essie, Victor&Rolf


BAREMINERALS Outlet - NARS, Shiseido, Cle de Peau, Laura Mercier, Burberry, Buxom


CLARINS - also sells Thierry Mugler

Re: CCO Sightings

They had new brands at CCO. I saw Too Faced & Becca yesterday!

Re: CCO Sightings

@denn2626 That’s awesome! Looking forward to see these brands in my local CCO. 

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