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Best Brushes Bronzer & Blush

Hello Beautiful People,


I'm looking for new bronzer and blush brushes. 


Do you have a current favorite?


Re: Best Brushes Bronzer & Blush

@BeautyWonder  Do you have a brush shape and/or bristle type (synthetic vs. natural hair) preference? 


My favorite powder blush brush is the Chikuhodo Z-4 (Z Series). It’s a super soft squirrel hair brush that makes blending a breeze. For me, it’s just the right density for both stamping on blush and either buff-blending or sweep-blending it out. For cream blush, I use a Chikuhodo PS-2 (Passion Series), a rather dense goat hair brush. 


If you prefer synthetic brushes: I used to apply blush and bronzer with the old version of the SEPHORA COLLECTION PRO Powder Brush #59. I received the new version as gratis from Sephora; so far, I’ve tested it only with finishing powder and powder foundation, and it does a good job. I’m sure it’d work as well for bronzer as its predecessor did. Might be a bit too large for blush, depending on your preference. In that case, there’s always the smaller SEPHORA COLLECTION PRO Blush Brush #96 (also received as gratis) which has a tapered paddle shape. I’ve tested that one with powder blushes and it worked well: I was able to easily apply both a bold layer of blush and sheer buildable layers. I haven’t tried any of the other Sephora PRO blush brushes yet. 


Re: Best Brushes Bronzer & Blush

@BeautyWonder @It’s expensive but worth every penny TOM FORD Bronzer Brush 05

TOM FORD - Cheek Brush 06

Re: Best Brushes Bronzer & Blush

@BeautyWondermy favorite bronzer brush is the SEPHORA COLLECTION PRO Contour Brush #79- it's small enough to allow for precise placement around the nose and big enough to be efficient covering hairline/cheek areas. The mid-pack bristles pick up a fair amount of powder but not a ton- so you can build or blend out as you like for desired pigmentation.


For a blush brush I really just like an angled brush. I have one double sided one from Urban decay (since discontinued), one from Spectrum at Riley Rose (out of business) and one from sephora collection. I like synthetic brushes as they're super soft and the shape is perfect for just swiping over my cheekbones. SEPHORA COLLECTION - PRO Blush Brush #93 is a great option but there are lots out there

Re: Best Brushes Bronzer & Blush

Also you could use the #79 for both and as a tip, a lot of times sephora will have their brushes on sale for memorial/labor day though popular ones sell out fast

Re: Best Brushes Bronzer & Blush

@Brutalitops  thank you for that suggestion 

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