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Balancing new products and an existing collection

Hi there! I posted this question in a different group but I'm curious as to what anyone in this group might have to say! I'm looking for a little advice, how do you balance the desire to try new things while making sure that you use the makeup or beauty products that you already own? I like having a small collection but I find myself getting bored after using the same products every day for weeks. Thanks in advance!

Re: Balancing new products and an existing collection

@greenbean13 I have a huge collection of makeup and I like to clean my makeup stash once a month which reminds me of all the stuff I have.  I never really stick to one palette unless it’s for a challenge so I am constantly rotating what I wear to incorporate old and new. I do have my usual go tos as well. I think makeup organizers help a lot so you can see what you have. 

Balancing new products and an existing collection

If you are behaving and or sticking to a budget it's always great to start with examples of whatever look you want to achieve and buy things based on what you don't already have in your collection. If you are just looking to expand, try things that complement what you have but give you more range, maybe new lip colors, an eyeliner color or shadows that could bring more depth or life to palettes/shades you have?? Even if I want something new, I nearly always wait for a sale or coupon. Keep in mind the shelf life of makeup, so as much as I love to collect it's not possible to get the value out of things you don't wear again and again. Also think about colors that suit your skin/hair/eye colour over trends.
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