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Am I the only one who..

Am I the only one who, when I see a product I really want, pray it has a mini size because I can’t pay 40 bucks for something ??

Re: Am I the only one who..

I actually buy minis πŸ˜‚


Yah some of the deluxe samples are a really good value for your points!! ❀

Re: Am I the only one who..



I love mini sizes too! It gives me a chance to really try the product and I also love how easy they are to travel with.

<3 Melissa

Re: Am I the only one who..

@niamh0914  You are definitely not alone. I love minis. For make-up I buy only minis. I hardly have any fullsize products since I don't go through them as fast. For skincare, I start with mini if it's new-to-me brand and buy full size when I really like the product. 

Re: Am I the only one who..

@niamh0914 I love mini sizes! Especially for something like blush or highlighters, which take me forever to use up, I really prefer the mini sizes 😊

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