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similar perfume

what perfume is similar to Gucci // which is discontinued? send me some choices,help!!!!

Re: similar perfume

Maybe you could try an impression perfume? If you don't know what this is, it is an impression of well-known perfume's such as juicy couture , Chanel No. 5 , Thierry Mugler and many more. Try your local Walgreen's for theses inexpensive options if you still can't find what your looking for *note this are not the actual brand perfume's they are off brand version's* I have smelled these in store and they are not a bad smell at all! try looking in the fragrance/ Perfume section. I hope you find what your looking for and have a nice day!

Re: similar perfume

thank you for your reply

Re: similar perfume

You can still get the original Gucci off of Amazon. I just recently got mine from there.

Re: similar perfume

Is it this one you mean?


I still see if available through Sephora and even Macy's, but if you're looking for similar scents, check out:


Bond No. 9 The Scent of Peace


They share crisp citrus notes (Gucci II has mandarin and bitter orange, Bond has grapefruit), they both contain rich berries (Gucci with black currant and blackberry, Bond with blueberry and black currant), and both contain woody finishes (Gucci and Bond with both cedar and musk).


Another one to look into is Dolce & Gabana's Pour Femme:


Raspberry, green mandarin, and orange blossom keep with similar lines of Gucci II, and also contains warmer, heartier notes of jasmine (present in both fragrances), woods (in this case Sandalwood), and the heliotrope flower (in both).

Re: similar perfume

thank you so much for spending time to answer me, i will try the perfumes that you suggest me and again thanks a lot

Re: similar perfume

No problem! I know Sephora has the D&G one, but check Nordstrom or a large department store for the Bond one (that one is currently a love of mine).

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