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"Salty" Fragrances?

One of my main focuses lately has been to find a trio of perfumes that I can use day-in, day-out, regardless of my mood, the occasion or the season. I have already found the perfect floral scent for me, and now I am trying to look for my second scent. 


I don't know if there are any or many fragrances out there, but I'm looking for a "salty" kind of fragrance... I don't quite know how to describe what I'm looking for- hopefully you get what I mean. I want something that isn't musky, but is more on the softer, feminine but bordering on gender neutral kind of scent?


Kind of like something perfect to pair with a chunky sweater, leggings and riding boots on a relaxing day out? 


EDIT: Now that I think about it, perhaps "cozy without being overall sweet" would be a better description for what I'm looking for? 

Re: "Salty" Fragrances?

Definitely! I don't always feel like a delicate flower, so sometimes a really feminine perfume is not the best!

Re: "Salty" Fragrances?

I was browsing the fragrance section at Sephora the other day and one of the cast members spritzed Givenchy's Dahlia Noir on me. She told me it was her new favorite, but I wasn't very impressed because I barely smelled anything. Well, fast forward three hours and I caught of whiff of it and it was incredible. Really light and feminine and natural-smelling.

Re: "Salty" Fragrances?

oh yeah I think I got a sample from Nordstrom and it smelled nice.

Re: "Salty" Fragrances?

I prefer Acqua di Gioia eau freiche, IT SMELLS SO GOOD! you will not be disappointed


(I tried to reply directly to your post but it wouldn't let me)

Re: "Salty" Fragrances?

I love how you described what you're looking for!  


I can't really wear perfume due to headaches/asthma so I don't have any good recs, but I wish I could and your ideas sound delicious Smiley Very Happy!


Good luck.

Re: "Salty" Fragrances?

You might try Clean White Woods, or Forever Red (by Bath & Body Works).  I also like Bulletproof by TokyoMilk, but that one is smoky.

Re: "Salty" Fragrances?

I strongly reccomend Thierry Mugler Womanity if you are looking for salty. This fragrance is very interesting as it has figs and an ocean air crispness about it that is fresh but savory.


Re: "Salty" Fragrances?

That bottle is so pretty!

Re: "Salty" Fragrances?

Dior Dune!  It's soft and womanly, casual and sexy, and it has a salt note in it like sea air.  It's a classic and I love mine.

Re: "Salty" Fragrances?

Ralph Romance has a dry down that I personally think might be good for you...I wear Acqua Di Gioia everyday though. It's good for the office, weekend, or even a night out. Maybe go to Sephora and see if they will fill you up some custom samples :-)

Re: "Salty" Fragrances?

the only thing I know with a deliciously salty smell to it is not a perfume but a lip balm by Toyomilk Dark in the scent of salted caramel. it's only seven dollars which is a good price for something...anything via sephora! I own it & ironically applied it today for the first time now that I think about it. and I really like it. Smiley Happy hope this helps.

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