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"Miss Dior Cherie" vs "Miss Dior"

I'm a little confused about the Miss Dior fragrances, they have 3 different ones with the same name. Which one use to be the Miss Dior Cherie? (I know that they recently renamed the "Miss Dior Cherie" as "Miss Dior" only

Re: "Miss Dior Cherie" vs "Miss Dior"

The name change was certainly confusing. I owned Cherie, but have not yet tried the new Miss Dior. The absence of caramel popcorn actually makes me want to try it since I was not in love w/ the Cherie.

Re: "Miss Dior Cherie" vs "Miss Dior"

I have Miss Dior eau de toilette and I agree it is different from the Cherie version, but I can definitely still smell strawberries, even if they are not listed. It is very tangy smelling still. I also think it smells a little bit like Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, but only a little.

Re: "Miss Dior Cherie" vs "Miss Dior"

Hi Aelkin, 


The Miss Dior Cherie originally had notes with strawberry and caramel popcorn that made it a bit sweeter and more vibrant, young and fun!


Dior wanted to make it a bit more sophisticated and took out some of those caramel popcorn and strawberry notes so it is now just Miss Dior.


The newest addition is Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet which has orange, peony, rose and musk and is a bit more of a citrusy floral. 




Miss Dior Eau Fraiche is a more floral take on the original with notes of bergamot, gardenia and Patchouli.




Hope this breakdown helps you out a bit!



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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