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perfume Simler to prada candy


Re: perfume Simler to prada candy

Truthfully, Aquolina makes a pretty good dupe called pink sugar, but thats the only thing i can really think of thats as sweet as Candy

Re: perfume Simler to prada candy

I hv that one thanks I just lv prada candy. Im on my 3rd bottle but its always 2 or perfumes that smell a like

Re: perfume Simler to prada candy

Viva La Juicy from Juicy Cuuture is another fragrance that shares similar notes of vanilla and caramel. It does have a sweet scent to it right off the bat but it's also balanced with feminine florals like jasmine, gardenia, and topped with sweet fruits like berries and mandarin.



Aromachology's Totally Edible is a gourmand rich fragrance similar to Candy, filled with notes from edible sources like vanilla, sugar cane, and chocolate. It's definitely got that caramel-rich goodness about it!




For something sweet but also light and great for day time wear, Kat Von D's Saint is a combination of sweet musk and vanilla, blended with sandalwood to give a solid base that lingers and also has notes of caramel.


Re: perfume Simler to prada candy

Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto is supposed to smell similar.  

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