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displaying/storing large perfume collection

I'm getting ready to move in a couple of months, and while I find moving to be terribly inconvenient and annoying, the one shiny, silver lining is that I get to redecorate and reorganize all my stuff, which is just so very fun for me. Smiley Tongue


Anyway, I have a collection of over 50 perfumes -- most are 1 oz bottles or smaller...but still, 50+ takes up a lot of space. Previously, I had a small glass shelf I just kept in the bathroom and I could barely fit my collection of 40 on there...and now I have even more. I was just curious about how the rest of you store/display your perfumes, particularly if you have a large collection. (and I promise not to store them in the bathroom in my next apartment; I only recently learned you're not supposed to do that! lol)


Personally, I prefer to keep my perfumes out in the open so they're easily accessible and I know what I have. Anyway, Thoughts? Suggestions? Photo examples of your collections? 

Re: displaying/storing large perfume collection

Thanks for the suggestions everyone! Smiley Happy


I thought about floating shelves, but my one fear is that if it's not put together really well (and that's a strong possibility since I'm the one doing it, heh) that they'll somehow break or something and all the perfumes will come crashing down and then I'll have a conniption fit.  Smiley Surprised Any suggestion for good brands to try, something sturdy?

Re: displaying/storing large perfume collection

Hi Dolceloure, I've been wanting to create a pretty display for my fragrances for awhile now too!  I was looking into a mirrored or glass tray that you could keep on a dresser top.  It reminds me of something my grandma had on her very fancy vanity when I was little.  Very chic!  I found some reasonably priced, pretty trays on  Definitely report back with pics when you get it set up!  Smiley Happy -Laura

Re: displaying/storing large perfume collection

I store mine in boxes on a shelf.  Usually, they are the original boxes which I find are quite lovely- like the Tocca line.  I have entire shoeboxes full of smaller bottles and samples.

Re: displaying/storing large perfume collection

I don't have a particularly large perfume collection, but my boyfriend has an extensive shot glass collection and we were kind of stumped about how to store/organize it.  Finally we came up with an idea that would work for perfume too: a floating/wall shelf!  It's actually a better idea for perfume because the bottles are always so pretty.  You can buy more unique versions too - there's a couple "wall cubes" that are really funky and would look lovely filled with different perfumes!

Re: displaying/storing large perfume collection

Don't know why, but the idea of the "extensive shot glass collection" made me chuckle! That is a good storage idea!

Re: displaying/storing large perfume collection

Lol, I was about to mention the storing in the bathroom thing.


I change my perfume according to season and outfit, so I have them displayed next to my full length mirror, BUT out of direct sunlight from the window (bad for perfume). 


It's nice to have a change of scenery sometimes, so instead of displaying all of them, I separate into winter/summer category and display accordingly based on the season. The half that I'm not displaying/using, I stow it in a drawer with stable temperature (dark, not too cold, not too hot) cuz I think perfumes last longer that way.

Re: displaying/storing large perfume collection

I like to keep mine out where I can see all of them! I had cute shelves built onto my walls where they all sit! That way they are all out to where I can see each one and they are all stored cute

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