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I am looking for a fragrance that has a clean almost soapy smell.  I have a hard time with everything giving me a headache but I love my Oil of Olay Quench body wash smell.  I also really like Philosophy's Falling in Love but it almost has a rubbing alcohol smell at first and after awhile, if it didn't I would wear it all the time.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

For an actual fragrance. the "clean" line is nice. Yes it...

For an actual fragrance. the "clean" line is nice. Yes it's called clean. There are several; shower fresh, warm cotton, provence. They are strong so a little goes a long way.


Shower or Bath products. L'occitane has a verbena line that is fresh or a lavendar line  is lovely. 



Yep, try the CLEAN line:

Yep, try the CLEAN line:


I have the CLEAN Warm Cotton from a perfume set and dislike it precisely because it smells like soapy Downy, and I like my perfume to smell like perfume, not laundry with too much detergent/downy in it. The scent is pretty straightforward and smell the same on clothe or skin and doesn't change. It's strong/noticeable but does not have that sharp/crisp/spicy/alcohol scent most perfumes have so it shouldn't be bad for headaches. I suggest you go to a Sephora and try out the different CLEAN scents.

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