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YSL's Opium

I have been using Opium as my signature scent for many years.  Unfortunately, YSL changed the formula a couple of years ago which smelled almost completely unlike the original perfume.  When I researched the situation, I discovered that there are many women in the world who, like me, have been using Opium almost exclusively for decades.  (Even more interesting to discover is that I am definitely not the only woman who, when wearing it in public, has been asked which perfume I was wearing by other women who loved the fragrance.)  Desperate, I bought a couple of bottles of the original formula on ebay, with the intention of switching to another perfume if YSL stuck with the change.


New reviews of the perfume here on Sephora seem to indicate that perhaps YSL has indeed gone back to the original Opium formula.  Most people would just go to a local mall and use a tester bottle, but the closest mall to my home is 75 miles away.


Is there someone who can enlighten me about this situation?

Re: YSL's Opium

Almost all fragrances that had civet oil in them changed their original formula by removing the civet oil - Opium being one, Magi Noire, and some others i cannot remember - non-synthetic civet oil is difficult to come by and super expensive - hope that helps

Re: YSL's Opium

The changes in many European fragrances are due to the mandates in the EU by the IFRA that regulates what ingredients can and cannot go into fragrances. There has been heavy lobbying in Europe by some groups to move to synthetic ingredients instead of natural ingredients for allergy concerns. 



Re: YSL's Opium

Oh boy.  So it's either ebay for now or switch now. 

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