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Worst perfume?

Ever make the mistake of buying a full bottle and ended up hating it?  I like all the perfumes I've ever bought (which are about 20) except SJP's Covet.  I thought it could work and bought it super cheap somewhere, but I can't stand the smell as it gives me a headache within 20 minutes.  What's your biggest perfume mistake?

Re: Worst perfume?

ohhenri-  You really put your finger on what a smelly fragrance can do!  Dead skunk LOLOLOL!!  I tried the Jessica Simpson fragrance and I thought the same thing about it! 

Had a funny experience in NYC at the Prada store- I tried the Infusion d'Iris fragrance there and really liked it, and was seriously thinking about getting it. Went to lunch and all through lunch I could smell Johnson's Baby Powder. I kept looking around to see if someone had a baby tucked in one of the booths, but no, it was all adults. My husband said he could smell it too, then it dawned on me, it was me! The Prada Iris fragrance dries down on me to a smell like Baby Powder!  Needless to say, I saved my $115 and went seeking a different fragrance!

Re: Worst perfume?

i hate any perfume that's soooooooooo overpowering and/or has the old lady smell... it doesnt matter what brand it is as long as it meets the said criteria! 

Re: Worst perfume?

Amazing Grace by philosophy as my husband and daughter tell me it makes me smell like an old lady,

Re: Worst perfume?

I got a sample of Boyfriend. P.U. It's main note is suppose to be vanilla, which is my favorite scent, but I smell anything but vanilla.


As much as I love my grandma, she has gotten me the worst perfumes. Avon's Odyssey and Mesmerize. Odyssey smells weird on me and Mesmerize is too strong and spicy for my liking. Also, I can't stand anything with patchouli in it.

Re: Worst perfume?

I am not a fan of Issey Miyake, it is so lemon-y in a weird, astringent, grassy way. There's a lot of people on this board that hate Angel. I love Angel "Innocent"- it's a bit lighter (less patchouli) and makes me feel like a dessert. There's a fragrance for every mood and occasion... and it's so personal. A woman at a cosmetic boutique in Paris once put a scented ribbon around my wrist. I loved the perfume and bought it. Now, every time I wear it- I'm transported to France....


Re: Worst perfume?

I haven't bought a full bottle that I hated, but I have smelled a few things that I didn't like. Thierry Mugler Angel didn't strike my fancy. Neither did the new Paris Hilton perfumes. Those were so gross! At least I've smelled more perfumes that I liked than I hated. Smiley Happy

<3 beautygeek97

Re: Worst perfume?

the perfume that i hate the most is elizabeth taylor diamonds. i think that's the right name. my mom loves this scent and it always made me sick. then at my last job, we sold it and i would come home stinking so bad because older women would always want to try it out so i had to make samples every day. but the one thing i know is that the staying power is incredible!

Re: Worst perfume?

I was in the grocery store and a woman was on the next aisle, I could smell her perfume in my aisle. She seemed to follow me all through the store. I had such a headache half way through I stopped her to ask what she was wearing? Channel No.5  A double yuck for me. How did this scent get so popular anyway?