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Worst perfume?

Ever make the mistake of buying a full bottle and ended up hating it?  I like all the perfumes I've ever bought (which are about 20) except SJP's Covet.  I thought it could work and bought it super cheap somewhere, but I can't stand the smell as it gives me a headache within 20 minutes.  What's your biggest perfume mistake?

Re: Worst perfume?

I have to agree, I recently purchased a perfume sampler from sephora and the juicy couture viva la juicy was part of it and I hated it along with DG the one or the rose... whatever I hate those so much Smiley Sad

Re: Worst perfume?

I made the mistake of buying Clinique Happy about 10 years ago, I loved it the first time I smelled it, but after about half an hour it gives me the worst headache.  Ever since then I've tried to be super careful with my scent purchases.

Re: Worst perfume?

I don't think I've ever bought a perfume I hated -- but I have certainly smelled ones that I can't stand! I abhor Dior Addict -- I know people love it, and I'm in the minority, here, but the vanilla / amber / tonka bean concoctions always get to me; I end up with a headache within minutes. In that vein, I also hated a VS body spray called Amber Romance -- my sister owned it, and I would run every time I saw her reach for the bottle.


Wait! I did buy a perfume I ended up disliking -- Tommy Girl. I think I was in early high school -- maybe 9th or 10th grade -- and I loved it at first, but now I don't know how, since it's so overpowering.


I'm with both of you on Chanel No. 5 -- I love so many of the Chanels -- Cristalle, No. 22, Gardénia -- but I don't like heavy floral aldehydes in general -- they always smell soapy and WAY too strong for me.


Smiley Happy

Re: Worst perfume?

I never liked the smell of Dior Addict to begin with so I could never make myself spray it to see if it would smell nicer once I put it on.  And every single VS scent is so sickly sweet that even as I enjoy it at the moment, I know will induce a headache by mid-day.

Re: Worst perfume?

Hi everyone,

Actually I'm a huge fan of Chanel "Eau Tendre". Marc Jacobs "Daisy" and the new one from Clinique "Happy Bloom".

They are all really nice they las all day no need to re apply like 6 times a day.

Another nice ones is "Jennifer Aniston", smells great  but don't last for long maybe 30 min.



Re: Worst perfume?

White Diamonds


Kim Kardashians

T.M Angel

Juicy Couture


Anyone that thinks they need more than a half second squirt of anything....


I am a huge perfume lover, but irritates me to no end women who wear waaayyyyyy too much of ANYTHING. If I can smell your perfume when I am standing farther away than 5 feet from you,  or  I can still smell you five minutes after your are wearing way too much.

Re: Worst perfume?

I thought that I would like Kat Von D Sinner. I thought wrong! As soon as I put it on I smelled like body odor! I know a lot of people like it, but it did not work with my body chemistry. I also agree with the others regarding Channel #5.  Makes me smell like an old lady!

Chanel / Age ???!

No dear.... Chanel no. 5 is a classic , it cant make you smell old ! :0



Re: Worst perfume?

KVD Sinner I have a mini bottle of so I don't feel so bad. It's nice to look at. lol but I can't stand the way it smells on me!


I love the way Ralph smells but it gives me a bloody nose!! Can you imagine the horror? I thought it was maybe just me or the heater or the season or something but nope. I try it randomly from time to time and bam! bloody nose. It's so wrong...


Lavender reminds me of kitty litter because my sister's kitty litter is lavender scented. so I associate the two now, it's terrible. 


I also hated Dior Addict but loved Dior Addict 2! And I thought I liked shine but I tried it on the other day and freaked out trying to get it off because it smelled terrible on me!

Re: Worst perfume?

I think Far Away by avon takes the cake, lol. It stinks and has that "old lady" smell