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Worst perfume?

Ever make the mistake of buying a full bottle and ended up hating it?  I like all the perfumes I've ever bought (which are about 20) except SJP's Covet.  I thought it could work and bought it super cheap somewhere, but I can't stand the smell as it gives me a headache within 20 minutes.  What's your biggest perfume mistake?

Re: Worst perfume?

Chanel NO.5 hands down, and deseo by jennifer lopez made me smell like a golden girl =000

Re: Worst perfume?

Most recently...Bvlgari Omnia Cristalline...and Kenzo Flowers...way too synthetic

Re: Worst perfume?

I would have to say SJP's Covet as well. I thought it was nice but after i bought it and started using it on a regular basis I relaized I really didnt like it. It now just sits on a shelf and looks pretty.

Re: Worst perfume?

Happy by Clinique. First time I opened the bottle I got a migraine.

Re: Worst perfume?

Pink Sugar is disgusting unless maybe you're 8 years old and like smelling like you bathed in candy - I couldn't believe adult women were commenting how much they love it!  Anything put out by Paris HIlton or Britney Spears is absolutely vile, but I never bought a bottle of it.


I wanted to like Thierry Mugler's "Womanity" so much... I love citrusy scents, and love the originality in the bottle - even if the 'brief' is a bunch of overblown poetic drivel. The first time I put it on, I loved the strange metallic-citrus top note, but now it makes me slightly nauseated every time I open the bottle. Oh well.  



Re: Worst perfume?

Oh - I forgot Light Blue.  D&G's top seller is a dead ringer for Lemon Pledge! Ugh!

Re: Worst perfume?

definetaley chanel no5 and lolita lempicka

Re: Worst perfume?

It was Versace, Woman. I loved it for three days and then had to trash it. I didn't want to give it to anyone so I wouldn't smell it on them. I still cringe at the memory.
Great question! Smiley Wink

Re: Worst perfume?

Some of these just didn't smell good on me and some of these gave me a really bad headache and some were both:


These ones gave me a headache and smelt bad on me:

-Clinique Happy

-ALL Britney Spears perfumes

-SJP Lovely

-Ed Hardy Love & Luck

-Mariah Carey Lollipop(i got a sample of all 4 scents-disgusting! way too sweet smelling, I guess lollipop was a dead giveaway)


These ones just smelt bad on me but didn't give me a migraine:

-Calvin Klein Euphoria(smell)

-Dior Midnight Poison(smell)


Re: Worst perfume?

Here is a list of the perfumes that I have bought and hated....enjoy

Angel by Thierry Muggler
Definitely ended up hating Dior Addict!!!!
Very Hollywood by Michael Kors
Chanel no 5 eau premiere

Will add more if I remember them :-)