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Winter--Snowy Day Fragrance

Hi Everyone

    What is your Winter --Snow Fragrance?

     I have been wearing Chanel #5 lately.   I have been alternating between Thierry Mugler's Alien and Chanel #5. Now I am a Chanel #5 ---there is  something about Chanel #5 seems crisp and classic about it.

Everyone stay warm and safe . Smiley Happy

Re: Winter--Snowy Day Fragrance

For winter go with something with a strong VANILLA scent to it.... and crisp notes.




Re: Winter--Snowy Day Fragrance

I love love love kohl's Glamourazzi! It has a scent of vanilla and almond, and it just feels really warm and cozy!! Another simple reason I like it so much was because it isn't overpowering, and the price was NOT to high. I think that this is an  important aspect for teens, because we can't be spending so much money on fragrances when we need to buy other things like clothes, books, school stuff, and maybe even saving for a car, college, etc. Like I said, not to strong, light but noticeable...

I think it was about 35 dollars or so, and it is by Flirt. haha glamourazzi and flirt are literally the two words that describe me! Yeah! Try it, I love it!

Re: Winter--Snowy Day Fragrance

Pink Sugar is a very good perfume.  One of my favs!  I also like Burberry  and Valentino.

Re: Winter--Snowy Day Fragrance

It doesn't snow in Florida, but I love Alien and Chanel Coco, as well as Red Door and Prada l'eau Ambree.  Donna Karan Cashmere Mist on a light day.

Re: Winter--Snowy Day Fragrance

Woman Happy

I LOVE Chanel Coco and Donna Karen Cashmere Mist too! I want to try T. M. Alien but for the price...I don't know. I have quite a few perfumes now ( a collection lol) so I'm trying to be "good".

Re: Winter--Snowy Day Fragrance

I love the smell of something warm like vanilla in the winter.  Lately it's been a full rotation of all the LAVANILA scents for me.  Plus Hanae Mori's Butterfly which is composed of notes of almond and strawberry but somehow smells like a very soft vanilla.  Smiley Happy


I kind of wanted to look for something that actually smelled sharp and crisp like an actual snowy day.  I think Demeter or some brand has a scent called "Snow" but I haven't come across it in person to check it out.

Re: Winter--Snowy Day Fragrance

Vanilla scents are perfect for snowy days..... I am smiling because I refer to my perfumes in rotation.  Fragrance is our personal soundtrack---a fragrance expresses ourselves and/or moods Smiley Happy

Re: Winter--Snowy Day Fragrance

Hi, if you like  sweet vanilla fragrance, check out Pink Sugar...I wear it all the time, not just on snowy days!  Smiley Happy

Re: Winter--Snowy Day Fragrance

Pink Sugar is wonderful Smiley Happy I bought Pink Sugar body cream and shower gel over the summer.

Re: Winter--Snowy Day Fragrance

What a nice poetic way to describe it!  Smiley Happy

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