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Whats your heaven in a bottle?

Hey there beauties!

ok so today I would like to discuss a very important topic. what's your heaven in a bottle? when I say that I mean what is the absolute best smelling fragrance , perfume, body mist you have ever smelled? now, Im a huge fan of perfumes but none of them add up to my favorite Body shop's CranberryJoy body, linen , room mist. I got this last weekend with a card reducing the price from 12$ to 6$ so we already have some smiles there Smiley Happy then another reason why I picked this up was because last year I bought the hand soap for a dollar after Christmas and that was the best hand soap I have ever used. but anyway, when I went into the store and took one look at this it was an instant buy, I smelled it and fell in love. Im sorry for going on and on about this fragrance but this is literally heaven in a bottle to me! The scent is sweet and fruity but refreshing and im willing to spray it all over my stuff and the scent lasts! subtle but noticeable it is amazing! I encourage you all to go try it and I will be picking up every other item in the cranberry joy collection and getting more then one in each! currently it is 40% off sitewide so please everyone try it! Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy <3 <3 Peace and love and welcome to the holiday season!

Re: Whats your heaven in a bottle?

I have a new heavenly mixture brewing...the combined scent of 3 things.



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