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What's your signature scent?

Hello ladies!


I was thinking about perfumes and scents I really enjoy and was wondering what some of your favorite scents are! I'd love to hear what your thoughts are.

I personally am a fan of perfumes with vanilla and citrusy notes. Florals I can find enjoyable too but sometimes they can be overpowering.


Edit: Some people have been asking me what some of my favorite scents are. I don't really have a signature and find I switch it up, depending on the season and mood I'm in.


I do like:

-Clinique Happy

-DKNY Be Delicious

-G (from Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Girls line)

-So This Is Love (Sephora's Cinderella line)

-A Whole New World (Sephora's Jasmine line)

Re: What's your signature scent?

JC Viva La Juicy Le Fleur. I also love most of their other fragrances


-Viva La Juicy

-Viva La Juicy Noir (yep, I got on that ASAP.. pretty similar but more fruity)

-Couture la la

-Couture couture

Re: What's your signature scent?

You forgot to tell us yours!

BLV II it's sexy with depth

Marc Jacobs Dot it's kinda fruity in a more grown up way

Aqui di Goia, sorry spelling, it's kind of like a cherry in a more complex way

Chanel Eau Fraise is my deep sexy scent, I hear it's fresh but it's sort of heavy for my normal taste.

If you love citrus try Gap Pink, DKNYPure Verbena, Nautica Voyage.

Re: What's your signature scent?

Well, I have a few favorites! I like Clinque Happy, Gwen Stefani's G (from her harajuku's very vanilla coconutty, but the scent fades pretty quick =( )

I've tried DKNY and I really like the original green apple scent. Haven't tried any of the new ones though! Also I bought the rollerballs from the Disney collections (Cinderella and Jasmine only. I'm waiting until the Ariel rollerballs is in stores to sample it and decide).


Re: What's your signature scent?

Annick Goutal Petite Cherie'I love this so much and I was hoping that Honey was going to smell like this. It has pear and peach scents to it its absolutely delicious!

Re: What's your signature scent?

pear and peach scents? oh my o: That sounds yummy.

Re: What's your signature scent?

They sell it at Nordstroms you should go smell it its amazing!

Re: What's your signature scent?

Fall and winter- Tom ford black orchid 

summer -juicy couture viva la juicy

All year flowerbomb- I love it and it stays all day!

Re: What's your signature scent?

Oh, I have far too many perfumes that I love. Some are oriental notes, some are floral, some are more crisp or fruity. Some favorites:


Guerlain Filtre d'amour. This was limited edition in 2000 and only sold a few places, including the Guerlain boutique in Epcot at Disney World. (They brought it back in large bottles in their Paris store, I think, but I don't think you can get it there now, either.) I wore this on my wedding day and wear it on birthdays and other special occasions. I hoard it and I won't let it be associated with any unpleasant memories. 


Guerlain Samsara. This is what brought me into the store to find the perfume above. DH gave me this when we first started dating and wiball of my perfumes, I've gone through bottles of this. Oriental and something I'm more likely to wear in cooler weather. 


Gucci Flora Eau Fraiche  I love Flora, too, but I like this a bit morer. Very floral, and lasts a long time on me and on my clothes. 


Georgio Armani Acqua di Gioia. Crisper. I like it a lot


Lancome La Vie est Belle. My newest favorite. It lingers and I like it a lot. 


YSL Parisienne. A floral that makes me think of roses. I should wear this more often


I like a lot of Bvlgari perfumes, too, especially Mon Jasmine Noir and Omnia Amethyste


This list is getting long, so I'll stop and go smell some perfume. :lol

Re: What's your signature scent?

Your descriptions make me want to go out and try them all, especially that Guerlain one!

Re: What's your signature scent?

Same here! I love a good floral scent though. Right now I've been wearing D&G's Light Blue, it's a great summer scent - very crisp, not too overpowering.


The wear time is super short though - I wish it lasted longer on my skin!


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