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What's your favourite perfume?

I've been looking to invest into a new perfume and am wondering what everyones favourite is!



Re: What's your favourite perfume?

I have Coach Poppy Flower.  I like it, but it really isn't anything special for me.  It is very floral.  I feel like it smells kind of generic.  


Re: What's your favourite perfume?

Hanae mori. Absolutely beautiful. I love that few people wear it too. 

Re: What's your favourite perfume?

Gucci guilty black! 

Re: What's your favourite perfume?

Marc Jacob's Dot and as a plus the bottle is super adorable Smiley Happy

Re: What's your favourite perfume?

J'Adore Dior perfume and Fresh's Lychee scent.

Re: What's your favourite perfume?

I was on the hunt for new scents but had pretty much given up, I didn't like anything I was trying at the stores. Then I started adding all fragrance samples on my orders and I have a nice collection of scents I LOVE - having the samples allowed me to first see if I liked the scent, then see if I liked it on me. 


If you are able to do this it might be a nice way to get introduced to some new fragrances. Smiley Happy


As far as my own favorites, it varies. I like Hanae Mori for him (for me) and also Butterfly sometimes, although it can be a tad sweet. Narcisco Roderiguez is spicy but I like it when I'm in the mood. I love Jimmy Choo Flash. Several of the Clean scents are lovely, and I like Altier - I think it's orange blossom. DKNY Be Delicious (green apple). 


My mood changes and so does my interest in what scent I wish to wear. I have a handful of samples that I rotate through, and the ones I love the most I got full sizes of. Plus, if I rotate,can don't get acclimated to the fragrance and I can still smell it myself. Smiley Happy

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