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What is your signature perfume?

Mine is Dior J'Adore.  It actually smells amazing on me.  Very light and flowery.

Re: What is your signature perfume?

Definitely Candy by Prada Smiley Happy I love it!!

Re: What is your signature perfume?

Mine is Giorgio Armani SHE. ScreenShot_02 07-Jun.jpg

Re: What is your signature perfume?

oh it changes daily!! I admit, I reach for Prada infusion d'Iris quite a bit, though. I would say Balenciaga Paris is my go-to right now. There is something special about it. Smiley Happy

I've worn Dior's J'adore for years. J'adore & Chanel Coco Mademoiselle are definitely two I replace everytime I run out.


I could ramble on and

Re: What is your signature perfume?

My dear !


You must try MISS PUCCI you'll love it.


ANy lady wearing that is welcome to be my dinner guest forever !



ANTOINE Smiley Happy

Re: What is your signature perfume?

Well I am a perfume junkie.  Learned it from my favorite gma.  the thing I wear to work is victorias secret pink fresh and clean or VSP summer crush.  I used to love eternity summer but the last few summers they have not had a great smell.  I absolutely love the channel chance fraiche was at sephora on Fri. and got a really nice size sample.  That will be my next luxury fragrance purchase.  Used to use Ralph Lauren romance or eternity as well.  Wish I could find something similar that was a bit cheaper than the chanel oh i have used clnique happy heart too.


Re: What is your signature perfume?

Ralph by Ralp Lauren.

Re: What is your signature perfume?

My Signature Scent Is Vera Wang's Lovestruck. I Smells like roses but not too over baring. It's a bit light with a hint of vanilla musk. It smells like perfection Smiley Very Happy It's Definitely fav perfume or scent of all time. My second would be bath and body work's Winter candy apple which smells simply divine as well.

Re: What is your signature perfume?

Vera wangs lovestruck is my favorite and signature perfume too =D I got a sample of it at ulta when It first came out and fell in love. Everytime I went to sephora I would spray it and was basically drooling over it. Until my boyfriend decided to get it for me for my birthday. I've went throught 2 bottles already just because I spray so much on my clothes,pillow,room,closet, purse, shoes, and clothing drawers.