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Tory Burch - Price?

Has anyone else noticed the discrepancy? 


In the Sephora Scents of Desire envelope that they sent us, the Tory Burch card lists the prices as


1.0 oz - $56

1.7 oz - $74

3.4 oz - $98


But on the website the prices are listed as 


1.0 oz - $62

1.7 oz - $82

3.4 oz - $110


Does anyone know why there's a difference? I feel a bit misled.

Re: Tory Burch - Price?

That should be interesting for the staff at the brick and mortars in states where that flyer is binding as an advertised price.  People will be raving.

Re: Tory Burch - Price?

Yeah I imagine it'll cause some issues if a bunch of people come into the stores believing that's the price they'll pay because it's the price advertised (and sent to us as an advertisement!). I wonder how the stores will react.

Re: Tory Burch - Price?

Normally, these ads are printed about 6 months or more in advance, so it's possible that they raised prices after the ad was printed.  They might honor it, they might not, but that's probably why there is the discrepancy.

Re: Tory Burch - Price?

Ah, that explains it. Thanks! 

Re: Tory Burch - Price?

Interesting... because Sephora's website pricing actually match what's on Tory Burch's website.

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