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I hardly ever see anybody bring up this brand in the Sephora community, but I have fallen in love with it!

Anybody try their perfumes/lotions/balms? What do you think?

The Dark line is nice, but I wish Sephora still had some of their classics too Smiley Happy

Re: TokyoMilk

I absolutely love Tainted Love and Bulletproof.  I like them individually and they smell great mixed, too.  One BIG problem I have is my husband really dislikes them.  He gets headaches from certain scents and unfortuntely, they are on the list.  I do wear them on the rare occasion that I won't be around him all day. We work together so that makes it quite rare. LOL  Anyway- I think they are yummy, spicy, sexy and I would wear them often if I could.

Re: TokyoMilk

I'm a fan of their lip balms, hands down. I love the texture, it's emollient, easy to apply, but not so thin where you feel like your lips just soak it up and you're reapplying every 30 minutes.

Re: TokyoMilk

I ordered Tainted Love #62 when I saw everyone raving about it and saying it was a musky scent which I love. Absolutely love this scent. 

Re: TokyoMilk

I wish the Dark line was in more stores, not driving into Boston to try a perfume.  I do love Tainted Love and since it was available as a small roller ball with a lip balm and hand cream I gave it a shot.  There's just too much risk in ordering blind when so many perfumes leave me with a headache.  


The lip balms on the other hand are going into everyone's stockings this year even if I haven't tried them all.  The Salted Caramel one from the little kit has not been more than 2 feet away from me since it came, it's amazing.

Re: TokyoMilk

You might want to check out this recent thread:


I personally haven't tried it yet, but after reading the posts, my curiosity has been piqued

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