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TokyoMilk RAVE!

I finally made it to a store tonight to pick up my Rouge card, and couldn't stop myself from picking up Tokyomilk/Dark #10, Everything and Nothing.  I'm becoming more and more obsessed with this brand- I got the #79 Destiny rollerball a while back and then recently ordered the #62 Tainted Love mini set from the website.  (pictured- mini rollerball, body lotion, and lip balm)  The scents are so different from what I normally think of as perfume, but so addictive, spicy and sexy!!  Plus I love the art and the packaging!  Is anyone else in love with this brand? What are your favorites?  Oh, and that's my super lazy hound, Glory Smiley Happy image.jpg

Re: TokyoMilk RAVE!

The Tainted Love Trio is a decent set, to either try the product or just to have in your bag Smiley Happy  If the Salted Caramel Lip Elixir is not of interest (part of the trio pack), there is a travel duo of the Tainted Love with a mini rollerball, handcreme and a reusable pouch for the same price.

I do enjoy Tainted Love and also Bulletproof, however the staying power is somewhat questionable.

I did find, for myself anyhow, if I use the handcreme and rub some into my wrist area when applying it and then use some of the perfume on wrist pulse point the fragrance seems to last a little longer there.

I love reading all the different scents from this line people have tried. Makes me want to try more now Smiley Happy

Glory is a cutie...if I tried a photo like this with my guy, I fear he would attempt to take my products thinking they were his new toys! *sigh

Re: TokyoMilk RAVE!


I love love TokyoMilk! This obsession with TokyoMilk has led me to try non-TokyoMilk/Dark products like Song in D Minor.


Margot Elena has such wonderfully yummy products! I only wish Sephora can offer more of her products from the TokyoMilk line and her other gorgeous lines like Library of Flowers and Lollia.




Re: TokyoMilk RAVE!

Wow love the Lollia line colors and everything Smiley Happy.

Re: TokyoMilk RAVE!

These are GORGEOUS.  Where can you buy them?

Re: TokyoMilk RAVE!

The Library of Flowers packaging is lovely, I would buy it on that alone. *crossing fingers that Sephora will listen and add these lines*

Re: TokyoMilk RAVE!

I love their cherry bourbon lip balm and their Bulletproof fragrance.

Re: TokyoMilk RAVE!

Has anyone had experience with Margot Elena's Love & Toast line? They sound great, but it's hard to gather reviews when it's not at Sephora.

Re: TokyoMilk RAVE!

I've tried the Love & Toast Dew Blossom body butter and I love it! It's midway between a body lotion and a really thick butter, like Korres. It smells like sugary honeydew melons and the scent does stay for a while but it's not synthetic or heavy. It's really moisturizing and easy to spread across my skin.


The biggest drawback for me is that it's $7 for only 2oz, which makes it about the same price per ounce as Korres but the thinner texture means it doesn't last as long. I won't be buying it on a regular basis but I could see buying a small tub every summer as a treat for myself. Smiley Happy

Re: TokyoMilk RAVE!

That's good to hear. I just went ahead and ordered a couple of their rollerballs from Ulta since they were offering a 20% discount on orders yesterday. I also got Juniper Gin and Persimmon Plum, so I hope I'm as happy with the scents as you are.

Re: TokyoMilk RAVE!

I wish the stores would carry more of their fragrances.  I got the mini trio during black Friday sales last year.  I love every one of those scents although No. 62  doesn't go well with my body chemistry.  It smells like bug spray once I put it on. 


Their lip balms are the bomb!  Cherry Bourbon and Coco Noir are my favorite lip balms.  I keep a tin of one of these on my desk at all times.

Re: TokyoMilk RAVE!

I got the salted caramel and the cherry bourbon lip balms in my recent orders, and I have to say, they smell AWESOME.  I haven't tasted them yet because I'm afraid I'll want to lick it all off and keep applying it until it's gone!  Smiley Very Happy

Re: TokyoMilk RAVE!

I bought the Tainted Love travel duo after youtuber grav3yardgirl raved about it. I fell in love with the earthy scent and the packaging is fantasic (pairs well with Kat von D's line, love it all). Unfortunately that is the only product my local Sephoras carry from this line. I was really interested in the Bulletproof scent after reading reviews online so I ordered off the website without smelling it. I think it's pretty fantastic, more of a unisex spiced cedar. It would be great for men or women. I layer it with a cheapy vanilla perfume and it becomes very sexy. I would be highly interested in trying out more scents from TokyoMilk Dark without having to purchase them though D:

Re: TokyoMilk RAVE!

I love the TokyoMilk brand! Everything smells dark, romantic, and delicious Smiley Happy.

Whimsically yours,

Re: TokyoMilk RAVE!

I really wish they would carry this brand at more Sephora stores. All my store had was the smal set with the rollerball and hand lotion of Tainted Love. I refuse to buy any more scents without being able to smell them, and only one boutique near me (might) carry the line. I contacted the company hoping they would have some sort of sampley set and their reply was to "Try a Spehora store." Argh!

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