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Taylor Swift New Wonderstruck

So, Taylor has come out with a new fragrance! I never got the first one, but there were two magazine sniffy things in Seventeen, one for the original Wonderstruck

Taylor Swift - Wonderstruck

and the other for the new Wonderstruck Enchanted

Taylor Swift - Wonderstruck Enchanted


Have any of you tried the new fragrance, or smelled it? I personally liked the original smell better, but I mean that's in a magazine, so I really want to get to a Sephora to try them out Smiley Happy


~We are all beautiful~

Re: Taylor Swift New Wonderstruck

I own the orginal Wonderstruck and I love it. I was waiting on Enchanted, and I just haven't gotten around to getting to the store for it yet - but I love the smell, they do share some similar notes, but they are different. Enchanted smells a bit spicier.

Re: Taylor Swift New Wonderstruck

"Wonderstruck" is sweet, fruity and slightly floral. The fragrance is playful, adventurous and is better suited for daytime and/or casual wear. The ripeness of the candied raspberries and sweetness of vanilla, are the most prominent on the initial spray. The milkiness of the peach and vanilla remain throughout and blend nicely with the freesia, being closely reminiscent to an overly sweet iced tea on a sunny spring day. The honeysuckle ties the fruity notes in together beautifully with the slightly floral musky dry down.

"Wonderstruck Enchanted" is spicy, warm and slightly fruity. The fragrance is mysterious, sensual and best suited for the night. The opening is like a spicy, warm vanilla candle with creamy berries and a hint of warm citrus. It's inviting, warm and develops into a bouquet of melted brown sugar and passionfruit. The heart of the fragrance is woody, sweet and warm. As the fruity spiciness fades, the sandalwood becomes more present. The vanilla remains throughout and compliments woody notes in the dry down.

"Wonderstruck" compares similarly to perfumes such as Justin Bieber's "Someday", Juicy Couture's "Viva La Juicy", Pink Sugar, Katy Perry's "Meow" and Britney Spear's "Fantasy". I will say that the notes are different and much more pronounced than the other perfumes, and they don't smell the same. It's just that typical sweet, candied fragrance that seems to be popularly recycled in fragrances, (especially is celebrity fragrances). In my opinion, it stands out as a ordinary scent. I can't say that it's recognizable or anything unique. Also, I find that it smells very similar to Bath and Body Work's "Be Enchanted", except it is more sweeter. It's a nice fragrance and I don't mind wearing out, but it isn't my favorite. However, if you like sugary, fruity notes with florals, you'll like this.

"Wonderstruck Enchanted" is exactly what I wanted "Hot" by Ralph Lauren to smell like. It sort of reminds me of a warm summer in the tropics, perhaps it's the passionfruit? The spicy woodiness makes it perfect for winter. If you like warm and woody notes, this is a winner.

The sillage of both fragrances are great, but the original "Wonderstruck" has a longer staying power.

If I had to choose between the two, I'd choose "Wonderstruck Enchanted", I own a lot of fragrances but this has become one of my staples. I find that it works better for colder weather and late nights, but it's passable during the daytime. I sometimes can't help but to spray it on my wrist before bed. It's just THAT good. When I wear it in the warmer weather, I think of romance and nostalgia. When I wear it in colder weather, I think of romance and holidays. Maybe it's because I'm a hopeless romantic. Hahah.

Hope this helps! Good luck xx

Re: Taylor Swift New Wonderstruck

My daughter loves the priginal, she asked for it for Christmas.  I may use my coupon to buy her the originsl, I havent smelled the new one but if I like it better, I may get her  the new one just so shes a little more original than her friends.  It was this or Justin B's Girlfiend.

Re: Taylor Swift New Wonderstruck

I just got the smell the new one and like it a bit more than the original. The original one isn't bad, but I feel like there's a lot of scents on the market that smell similar already.


The new one is a bit warmer and spicier like Diana said, but it's still sweet and not overpowering, which is nice. I'd say it's a good Fall scent for day time transitioning to night.

Re: Taylor Swift New Wonderstruck

Hi berniebeauty!


I smelled the new Wonderstruck and while I thought the original was pretty good, I liked how the new one was slightly warmer and spicier, not as sugary and sweet but still a soft floral! Very pretty bottles and girly scents though, I'm a fan! 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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