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Smaller/Travel sized fragrances: Rollerball, Spray, or both?

When it comes to smaller size fragrances (can be labeled as To Go, Travel, Purse Spray, etc), do you have a preferred bottle type?  If so, any real reason behind it? 


Are there any fragrances in particular that you would prefer a smaller size to?


For some odd reason, I'm not a fan of rollerballs.  I prefer the effect of a light mist. 


I really like having the smaller sizes around.  Unless I use a sample within 1-4 months, I cannot find myself committing to buying the bottles.  So when I find a purse spray (or smaller spray) version of a favorite fragrance, I'm more willing to buy it.  For example, I have a Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue 7.4ml (0.25 FL oz.) spray that I consider a perfect size.  Plenty of product but will not be collecting dust for years.  Also easy to throw into a travel bag since I prefer lighter scents on vacation.

Re: Smaller/Travel sized fragrances: Rollerball, Spray, or both?

Really enjoyed reading everyone's thoughts on rollerballs and spray perfumes! I like both, but find that rollerballs are an ideal option for numerous reasons. They're easier to carry along with you and to try a new perfume out. I also feel kind of obnoxious spritzing a perfume in public...or even in a not so public place like an office, just because people are sensitive to scents; roller balls provide a more subtle arouma when being applied. They also make for great stocking stuffers! 

Whimsically yours,

Re: Smaller/Travel sized fragrances: Rollerball, Spray, or both?

I own a lot of fragrances that are sprays, and a lot of fragrances in the roller ball form. I don't really have a preference between which one. If I LOVE a scent, then I will commit to the bottle. If I like it enough, but not quite LOVE it, then I will get the roller ball so I can wear the fragrance whenever I am in the mood for that particular scent.


The only fragrances I own in both roller ball and fragrance bottle are my two staple sents, Butterfly by Hanae Mori and Boyfriend. They smell THAT amazing Smiley Happy

Re: Smaller/Travel sized fragrances: Rollerball, Spray, or both?

Well, I definitely like rollerballs, the only problem is that because of a direct contact with the skin through the ball the fragrances sometimes change. But it is a great way to try out a perfume before commiting to a full bottle. It's irritating that sometimes the smallest bottle they make is 1.7 oz. I haven't seen a lot of small spray versions of any of my perfumes, so I bought a few atomizers and keep them in my to-go makeup bag or just in my purse.

Re: Smaller/Travel sized fragrances: Rollerball, Spray, or both?

I buy the rollerball first, and then the 1oz. size, and then the biggest size from there. I have to really be committed to buy expensive perfume.

Re: Smaller/Travel sized fragrances: Rollerball, Spray, or both?

I think the pros of roller balls is that they are more subtle and use less product. Sprays I do prefer because I actually smell like the perfume all over, but there are some situations where I don't want people smelling my perfume from a foot  or two away. Also, with sprays your clothes also get scented but that's a preference.

I actually like solid perfumes too (like those by Pacifica), they're mostly like rollerballs though.

Re: Smaller/Travel sized fragrances: Rollerball, Spray, or both?

Roller : Daisy!

Re: Smaller/Travel sized fragrances: Rollerball, Spray, or both?

I usually try to get a sample so I don't have to buy perfume and commit tto one scent. When I find one that I love, then I buy it.

Re: Smaller/Travel sized fragrances: Rollerball, Spray, or both?

yeah rollerballs to me just aren't the same as having the actual perfume so SPRAY

Re: Smaller/Travel sized fragrances: Rollerball, Spray, or both?

I love the price of rollerballs but I like a spray better.  I like to get a little on my clothes and in my hair when I spray and you can't do that with a rollerball.  I do like that some fragrances come in a mini purse spray but they seem few and far between.  


I recently just transfered my Stella rollerball into an atomizer and it wasn't that difficult or messy.  I used the small silver Sephora brand one that came with a funnel, unfortunately I don't really like the spray,  way too much perfume comes out.  I found a website that was selling 5 atomizers for 25$, I might take a chance and order them so I can transfer the rest of my rollerballs.  But I thought I was cool that it could be done.  Smiley Happy

Re: Smaller/Travel sized fragrances: Rollerball, Spray, or both?

Hmm, good question! My knee jerk response is to say I prefer sprays for travel. But, as one commenter added, a rollerball is much more polite when applying in a public place. I too love the deluxe D&G Light Blue spray - it's the perfect size! I am always changing my fragrances with my moods, so i do love it when a smaller version of a scent is available. I love Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb, but don't wear it every day (plus it's pricy) so having the rollerball is perfect. I'd love to see Hanae Mori, Michael Kors, Givenchy Very Irresistible, Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Mandarine-Basilic and anything Miller Harris in to-go form. I'm not a fan of solid fragrances though because they just don't seem to last as long.

Re: Smaller/Travel sized fragrances: Rollerball, Spray, or both?

Hi I like the DKNY fragrances for travel. It looks like the perfume exactly but mini! Hope this helped!

Re: Smaller/Travel sized fragrances: Rollerball, Spray, or both?

I'm not a fan of rollerballs, either - mostly because they don't work! In general, I mean - the roller gets stuck and you can't really control how much you're (NOT) getting out.


This is why I freaked when I found out the Kenzo Flower "rollerball" in the store was actually...a spray! It is a great fragrance, none of that stuff in it that gives me that perfume headache and it was about the size of a regular rollerball. I just bought three rollerballs and have found I won't use them, because I prefer perfum sprays and because I can't get the product out. I don't saturate myself but I want to be able to smell it!


Like the other post I read, I also wish the small sprays were more widely available AND more reasonably priced. I also don't know how fresh they are from other fragrance stores or from discount stores. I mean, like everything else I think parfum must have a shelf-life. But I recently found out that Sephora will make you up a small spray vial (sample) of anything in the store you want to take home and wear/try yourself in real life circumstances. In-store, of course but our store has a perfume expert that is amazing. She did this for me recently with three perfumes and not only that, I mixed up the papers I was carrying around with about 5 fragrances on them. She could tell them apart and tell me the names of them just by smelling them. Amazing! The samples she gave me were much larger than the little spray samples you can get when you checkout online.


A final thought is, it is amazing how hard it is to find a fragrance one truly loves. It is an elusive endeavour - like finding true love itself. (Yeah, I know - cheesy! 'Been watching too much "Once Upon a Time!") 

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