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Sephora Fragrance sampler?

I hva had my eye on the sephora beauty sampler for a while now, and I think I would like to purchase it. Has anyone tried the recent one? Are the fragrances good? How exactly does it work? Much thanks!

Re: Sephora Fragrance sampler?

I HIGHLY recommend the Deluxe Sampler in the gorgeous pink box for $75. I love it so much. I am starting to collect really cute mini perfume bottles now and they do great for that purpose. Plus, I now have 2 favorite scents- Philosophy's Amazing Grace and DKNY Golden Delicious. The thing is that, especially if you are planning to buy one of the featured perfumes in the set already, then you are technically getting the entire mini set FREE with the voucher. AWESOME DEAL. Simply cannot be beat.

Re: Sephora Fragrance sampler?

The samplers are one of my favs! You get a few bottles to try and then chose a full sized bottle you love. I usually don't want the sets, where the lotions and body wash comes along, so it's perfect just to get the perfume.

Re: Sephora Fragrance sampler?

My favorite sampler set was the $75 one:

It's pricey, and a bit of a gamble if you're not sure you're going to like any of the fragrances in it....but I think if you DO, it's an excellent buy. You get 10 adorable bottles (which honestly in itself is almost worth the $75) and on top of that a voucher to get a full size bottle...and for several of the fragrances, those bottles are BIG. I wanted to use my voucher to get Angel, but the full size was so small (0.8 oz) I went with my next choice, Jennifer Aniston (2.5 oz!)

Re: Sephora Fragrance sampler?

I would reccomend the Deluxe Frangrance Sampler also. 

It gives you 10 small fragrances to test.

It gives you a full free fragrance when returning the voucher.  Most origonaly cost $50!

The price is like you are just buying a perfume and getting 10 free samplers.


Hope I helped,



Re: Sephora Fragrance sampler?

I like fresh, clean but NOT sweet fragrance so I got the Fresh Floral sampler set:


Sephora Favorites - The Fresh Florals Deluxe Fragrance Sampler For Her

I'm loving it. The miniture bottles are about as tall as my thumb. They are cute altho Jennifer Aniston (last one) is the only one with spray top, and the rest are just glass bottles with rubber seal caps. Aside from the 5 bottles, there's also a voucher included for a full size. Basically you decide which of the 5 you like the best, fill in the voucher card, bring it to your local Sephora and get a full size (.8-1oz in this case) of the one you chose.


Sephora have different fragrance samplers every year, so if you are not interested in the varieties offered this year, no worries, you get new options next year. In the past, some samplers are actually coffret and do not have voucher for full size, so make sure to look for voucher in the description cuz then it's worth it (5 minis + 1 full size. yay!).


Re: Sephora Fragrance sampler?

Cool! Okay, so would you reccomend this one more than the other fragrance sampler?



Re: Sephora Fragrance sampler?

That one includes some musky and some sweet fragrance, which I knew I wasn't interested in. Figure out approximately what type of fragrance you like, then pick a sampler that include most fragrance in that type.


Also, I picked mine because I love pretty bottles. They are a good size for a week's worth of vacation and such, while the tube perfumes are so tiny I'd much rather get samples of them from Sephora. Now, if the tiny 10 samplers are of my top 10 favorite perfumes, I would get it before you can say "I see".

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