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Sephora Brand Perfume- Peony

Years and years ago (like, maybe 2003-2004?) Sephora had a house brand line of perfumes. Included in that was a scent called "peony". I LOVED it- does anyone know of something similar, or even remember this being a thing?

Re: Sephora Brand Perfume- Peony

Oh! I just remembered:  Crabtree and Evelyn makes a perfume called Eveyln Rose.  Peony is very prominent in it, more so than the rose, IMO.

Re: Sephora Brand Perfume- Peony

Whenever I think of single-note fragrances, I think of Demeter. Have you tried out their Peony?

Re: Sephora Brand Perfume- Peony

I definitely agree with the previous response on L'Occitane Pivoine Flora. That should be a single note peony scent.

I do know of some perfumes Sephora carries that I have smelled and can recommend to you- that combine peony with other florals, and very often, peony does stand out:

CITRUS + PEONY and other florals and fruits:


Versace Bright Crystal - peony is very prominent here, with citrus


Coach Poppy Flower


Stella by Stella McCartney and Flankers


Oh Lola! by Marc Jacobs


Issey Miyake Pleats Please


YSL Parisienne




Re: Sephora Brand Perfume- Peony

Peony has become more popular in recent years. I know that L'Occitane carries a Peony scent that is called Pivoine Flora. Associates in Sephora or at perfume counters might be able to direct you to fragrances that have peony as one of the main notes.

Re: Sephora Brand Perfume- Peony

I remember them having a giant display of all kinds of single note scents under their house brand.  A lot of them were very good and I had a few.  I don't remember peony in particular.  Isn't it the worst when you love a fragrance and it gets discontinued?  Happens more and more these days because there are so many new ones coming out.

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