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Rollerballs vs bottled fragrance

Hi, I bought 3 rollerballs in Romance, Juicy Rose, and Carven, and a bottled fragrance in Dahlia Divin Nectar.


The rollerballs are terrible, they evaporate within 5 minutes! I can't smell them at all after a few minutes.


The bottled is great and long lasting and I can still smell it on my clothing the next day.


Can I return the rollerballs and upgrade to a bottle of Carven? 

Re: Rollerballs vs bottled fragrance

If you have your receipts, you should be able to return the roller balls and buy whatever you wish. 


Rollerballs are for precise application of perfume (generally at the pulse points). It's not going to be a big whoof of scent. If you want the scent on the clothes or in an aura around you then you should definitely get a spray.


A couple other points, i think the dahlia divin nectar is a parfum which is more concentrated formulation. It's also a flanker that is a more intense version of the original givenchy perfume. I think those things make it a longer lasting scent. Conversely, the carven and romance scents are lighter scents (don't know about the juicy). Also, most rollerballs are eau de toilletes which are less concentrated versions of the perfume. Keep that in mind when buying the Carven.  

Re: Rollerballs vs bottled fragrance

@nche I bought them all within the past couple of weeks.


Good to know about perfume concentrates. 


It seems like the rollerballs evaporate quickly. 


I will take them to Sephora and see what they say. 


I love the Dahlia Divinest Nectar. Smiley Happy

Re: Rollerballs vs bottled fragrance

In general I find fragrance to last longer on clothe than on the skin. Also, I find rollerball to be better for precise application while sprays puts out a generous mist so keep that in mind when comparing.


If you are not satisfied and have the receipts, you can definitely return the 3 rollerballs then make a new purchase of a bottle of Carven.

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