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Rollerball to Atomizer Transfer

Hello Lovely Sephorians!


I am in love with Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb and have it in the rollerball form, however I would like to spray it instead.  I really dislike rollerball applicators, but even the smallest spray was WAY too expensive for me.


So, here is my question: is it possible to transfer the scent from my rollerball applicator to a spray atomizer?  I know that the formulas are different but I don't know if and to what extent that would effect the perfume and applicator.  Anybody have an idea!?



I have an idea but honestly I suggest trying it with a le...

I have an idea but honestly I suggest trying it with a less expensive or almost used up rollerball first.


From what I can see online and my Tokidoki rollerball perfumes, the rollerball seem to consist of 4 components:

1. the glass tube that holds the perfume with a threaded/screw opening.

2. the ball holder: white or transluscent part that's stuck in the tube like a cork holding the ball in.

3. the round ball, either metal or plastic or glass.

4. the outside cap.


From what I can see of my rollerball, the ball holder is stuck in the tube opening like a cork, there's no twist/thread or any mechanism that indicate you can't just pull it out. So, you should be able to pour the perfume out if you can pull out the ball holder. For this, I suggest one of those super grip rubber pad for opening jar caps, and use that to hold the tube with your whole hand (so the force is not just concentrated on 2 finger, in which case you might break the glass). Then get a plier or something so you can get a strong grip over a small area (the side of the ball holder), and slowly and steadily, apply increasing amount of force while try to twist a bit to pull the ball holder out. It will take time because you don't want to break the container or have the ball flying when it's out. Also, do it on a low table over carpetted floor or floor with mat/rug so there's a less likelihood of breaking by dropping.


It only works if the container is not fragile, and I strongly recommend you try it on a mini, cheaper or almost-empty rollerball first.

Hi amoonbeam - I don't really think there's any way to tr...

Hi amoonbeam - I don't really think there's any way to transfer from your rollerball to an atomizer. Sitting here trying to think of something, but I've really got nothing. I don't know where you usually purchase this perfume but I wonder if you could check around at various websites and sign up for email promos that might offer a discount at some time. You could even call them if there's a toll free number and explain the situation, maybe they can advise you of any upcoming specials.


I don't really think I was able to help much, sorry about that. I know I like an atomizer/spray bottle so that I can spray it and walk through the mist. Is that the effect you're trying to achieve? If so, maybe you can roll a little on your wrist and then run that very lightly into your hair or something like that. Wish I could be of more help. I'm hoping somebody else will have a good idea for you. Best of luck with this. Smiley Happy

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