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Returning an item to a store

I bought YSL cologne nearly 3 weeks ago from a sephora store, and I threw out the receipt by accident. So I thought that I couldn't return it. I went to the same Sephora store yesterday and they told me that I could still return it (even if there is not receipt or box). Just wondering if I could really do this?

Re: Returning an item to a store

I think you can, you just need to have your id because they will take down your info for returns without a receipt. I threw mine out once and they just looked it up to make sure that the same item was purchased through my beauty insider account and took the info off my id. I know most stores do that to track fraud for people that steal and try to return things. When I worked at Macys, it was pretty crazy how many people were caught doing that.

Re: Returning an item to a store

Hi Buxtonboy,


It is up to the store discretion to accept or deny a return. If you have questions, I recommend stopping by your local Sephora Store or reaching out to them directly:

<3 Melissa

Re: Returning an item to a store

Hi Hi Buxtonboy, that shouldn't be a problem!  Without a receipt, the store can issue a store credit or do an exchange.

Re: Returning an item to a store

Thanks for the info! That's great to know. Such a relief that I did not waste $85. One more question. Until when do I have to do so?

Thanks in advance!

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