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Recommendations for strong scented body wash/lotion/spray trio?

First off, I apologize if I have posted this in the wrong section; I was quite conflicted as to where i should put it Smiley Happy

I'm looking for a body lotion/body wash/spray, related or unrelated to each other, that will leave the scent on my skin for a long time, longer than an hour like all my other ones do!

Currently, I wash with a body wash my Caress, and then I put on the Twiight Woods lotion by Bath and Body Works, followed by the Twilight Woods spray. Then I alternate between Ralph Lauren Romance perfume or Pink Sugar by Aquolina.

I love to layer my scents, but my problem is that while my shower gel/lotion/spray smells terrific, it does not last long at all, which is very diappointing. But it is why I am on the hunt for a new one! I have tried everyting at Bath and Body Works but nothing seems to have a lasting factor.

I like scents like cookies, cotton candy, etc (put no plain vanilla) or coconut, motre of the sweet smells. I like perfumes such as : Weekend by Burberry, Coco Chanel, and Pink sugar by Aquolina.

I'm looking for all three (showel gel, lotion, and spray) that will last all day and smell really great. I have heard about Lush, Philosophy, Victoria Secret etc but not sure if they are long lasting. It does not matter the cost, I simply want to find products that LAST!

Thanks! Smiley Very Happy

It really is all about fragrance/product layering as you...

It really is all about fragrance/product layering as you already know.


Since body washes get washed down the drain, they provide just a temporary appeal to the senses. Try finding something with a thicker cream, or even an oil based formula as that will linger longer on your skin than a traditional gel.


For moisturizer, lotions are the thinest, and also have more of a water base, so they tend to soak in the fastest, but also not last as long. Body creams rank a bit higher on the long-lasting scale as they are thicker and hold more scent, but a body butter, which normally has a shea or cocoa butter base will be your best bet for a long lasting scent from a moisturizer as it's such a rich formulation. These will take a bit longer to soak into the skin, but also note that as they are thicker, you can work the product in your hands to warm/melt the product more as opposed to just slathering yourself in butter then feeling like you have on too much product.


Another option to layer in is dry oil. This are very fragrant and may feel different at first as it starts off feeling oily/greasy, but dry down to a moisturizing sensation onto skin.


For sprays, keep in mind this ranking from products with the least amount of actual fragrance oil to the most:


Body sprays, very light formulas, will wear very sheer and dry down and disappear the fastest as they have a high water content.


Solid perfumes, are next in the tier, they last a bit longer than sprays as they're fragrance in solid form, but often times the oils used mixed with the binders to make them "solid" can disapate upon contact after 2-3 hours.


Eau de toilettes are stronger than solid perfumes and splashes as they contain more alcohol and oil than a spash and solid so the scent is more potent. On average an EDT will last 4-6 hours depending on the heart and base notes and the strength of them.


Eau de parfum is higher up as it contains more fragrance oil than a EDT and will last about 6-8 hours.


Parfum, or an actual perfume will be the strongest form.


There are also colgones, mists, scented body powders, and espirits, which aren't as common and on occassion linked differently (cologne for men, mists and splashes are used interchangeably).


Most retailers carry splashes, EDTs, and then EDPs in terms of strength and longevity of a scent, solids are becoming more popular on a novel aspect.


You're best bet is to seek out a cream/oil wash, body butter, and EDP with similar and complimentary scents so they mimick one another and layer well without clashing.


The description of sweet smells you like falls into the category of gourmand fragrances, which have elements of sweets and foods. Try searching for a breakdown of top, heart, and base chords for a perfume. The top being what you smell upon initial application and wear which last for about 15-20 minutes, drying down to the heart chord, which can last on average 2-3 hours, and then transitioning to the base chord, which will linger until the end of wear. Heavier notes are better and will last longer if they are in the heart or base chord of a fragrance.



Hello Nixi!   I know it can be a disappointment when the...

Hello Nixi!


I know it can be a disappointment when the fragrances that you layered only last an hour or so, if that, on your skin. A lot of the problem is that most scents sold in stores like Bath and Body Works, and even Sephora, are eau de toilette's. This means that because they are heavier on the alcohol content and not the actual perfume oil, they dissipate fast so you use them up faster (pretty clever of them). Eau de parfum is really expensive, but lasts much longer due to more actual oils in the bottle.


Regardless, since you like sweeter scents like me maybe a few of these recommendations will help in your search. I hope this list will be helpful to you in some way. Try to get testers and wear the fragrance on your skin by itself. Everybody's body chemistry reacts to scents differently, so what lasts on me may not on you. That is half the fun of finding your signature scent though!


  • Soap and Glory - most of their products have the same signature sweet, fruity scent and come in a wide variety of lotions, soaps, and even a perfume bottle. So happy Sephora carries this line, I miss it when I shop at Target.
  • Pacifica - Another line that carries lotions, soaps, and perfumes. There are a few scents to choose from but my suggestion is to try the tahitian vanilla line. I think you will like that one.
  • Terry Mugler's Angel - Sweet caramel goodness! Probably one of the most popular "foodie" scents, but with good reason. You can get the gift set with the lotion and perfume, I don't think there is a soap form though. Will be expensive though.
  • Juicy Couture - Most of their scents run on the sweet side, and all come in layering sets with lotions and the perfume.
  • Marc Jacobs Oh Lola - A sweeter, flirter version of Lola, atleast to my nose. Also comes in a layering set.
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