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Pucci Vivara Perfume Discontinued- Need Help in Finding My New Signature Fragrance!

For the last several years Pucci Vivara (black edition) has been my go-to signature fragrance. For me, it's the perfect mix of green chypre, beachy notes, and seductive liquorice/oak moss. It's elegant and sophisticated, yet mysterious and unique that suggests late night dancing on the beach. I always get compliments on it. It has been discontinued for awhile, but I have yet to come close to finding my new signature scent. Coco Noir or Mademoiselle are the closest, but to me, the base lacks that edge of mystery and bohemian I crave for. Any suggestions of what I might want to try that's out on the market now? Note: I love chypres, florientals and hate powdery fragrances.

Re: Pucci Vivara Perfume Discontinued- Need Help in Finding My New Signature Fragrance!

If you haven't tried Mitsouko by Guerlain yet you really should check it out!  It is a bergamot-based chypre like your Pucci and a floriental.  mitsouko-by-guerlain.jpg

Re: Pucci Vivara Perfume Discontinued- Need Help in Finding My New Signature Fragrance!

By chance are you willing to experiment with fragrance layering?

For starters, to cover the aspects of green chypre and beachy notes, look into Tom Ford's Neroli Portofino, which evokes crisp waters and foliage of the Italian Rivera with neroli, bergamot, lemon, and yellow mandarin, but also has a touch of amber for a warmer, sensual dry down.


Nest's Amazon Lily combines zesty Brazilian lime, tangerine, bergamot, and Galapagos driftwood to give a true, beachy essense that is awakened with those green citrus notes.


Declaration by Cartier houses a blend of bergamot, bitter orange, birch, oak, musk, vetiver, and artemisia.


For the more weighted, rich notes that you crave, check into Tokyo Milk Dark's collection which has an array of more unconventional blends that are a touch heavier and not for the meek.


Try Femme Fatale Excess No. 28 which has oak bark, amber, and blood orange to give one of those top scents a deeper oriental lingering.


La Vie La Mort No. 90 will be a bit more spicy with it's blend of orientals and complex florals like ylang ylang, jasmine, and tuberose combined with spice, cinnamon, cardamon.


Bvlgari's Jasmine Noir draws depth from jasmine and gardenia, paired with precious wood and green sap (for that beachy/outdoorsy trait) and finishes with licorice and tonka bean with a touch of almond.





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