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Perfume to Go?!

We have all seen the travel refillable fragrances- the take the cap off and spray into the bottle .However, there are a lot of perfumes that I can't take a cap off. When I saw how Sephora gives out its fragrance samples, I was wondering if there is anything on the market similar to this. 

Re: Perfume to Go?!

Actually went in store yesterday and asked my favorite fragrance cast member. He just gave me some of their sampling testers to do myself! THIS is why I love Sephora! 

Re: Perfume to Go?!

Other places should have atomizer with the funnel design. That's what old Sephora atomizer do, the ones that look like deluxe lipstick tubes. The new "feminine products" looking ones you have to spray directly, which means I can't put my non-spray mini perfumes in.


If you can't find any or don't mind getting these fragrance, you can get the funnel and things from refill/fragrance set and use them for other perfumes after you are done.

Re: Perfume to Go?!

They use a tiny funnel and spray it that way. 

Re: Perfume to Go?!

How does Sephora give out its fragrance samples?  I've never asked because I figured they just had predone samples and wouldn't have the one I wanted.

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